Andrew Jackson

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  1. Andrew Jackson was known as one best leaders this country has got to see. He also ran for president agaisnt John Quincy Adams but ended up losing. He did a lot to help the possibilities of presidency.

  2. Who was Andrew Jackson? It depends on who you ask. To some he was the President who did many great things for his country. He could be the classic self-made inspiration who did so much for democracy. To others he was the man who was responsible for Indian oppression and owner of slaves while his greatness is tarnished with those facts.

  3. Andrew Jackson is viewed as one of our countries’ great leader. Andrew Jackson is the man who ran who ran for presidency against JOhn Quincy Adams but lost. Andrew Jackosn lost becaus e in order to win presidency you must get at least half of the elctoral votes. While he only gained about thirty-five percent of the vote.

  4. Andrew Jackson is seen by many as one of the greatest leaders of the country since the founding fathers. Jackson did a lot to increase the possibilities of presidency as well as increase the possibilities as an American. Although he was so well loved, he also caused a lot of controversy because of his policies on things like indian removal and slavery, along with his anger issues he was somewhat known for.

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