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  1. I loved listening to the music in this film. Amadeus is an accurate representation of how some people take their talents for granted.

  2. This play had some good taste in music almost like poetry bases, but it also represents what most people take for granted.

  3. I think I have seen this movie before and it seems to portray history. It may not be first choice to watch but it was sure interesting!

  4. Even though it’s not my first choice of music, I really enjoy classical music and the genius behind it. It’s also very soothing and helps me concentrate. I believe everybody should listen to at least some classical music everyday or every week.

  5. Wonderful film! As a former music major, watching this movie fascinated me with how fashionable classical music was during that time period. Also, Mozart’s personality was so prevalent in his talent. One would never imagine that such a brilliant mind would be so eccentric and boastfully improper. Although music was forcefully bred into him by his father, there was no doubt at all that he truly loved the art. However, it is unfortunate that such a great person would have to undergo so much hardships within his life. With the overwhelming jealousy that his “colleagues” bore against him, he never saw to it that his magnificent pieces would succeed during his living days. The jealousy and hatred that brews from trying to compare one’s own work to that of a genius, that kind of jealousy would cause a man to go mad. Antonio Salieri, a fellow composer, as well as the villain of this film, is driven to murderous insanity as he quickly becomes over overshadowed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s ridiculous and undeniable talent.

  6. Amadeus represents many people around the world who are not appreciated for their craft, while irresponsible celebrities get the limelight.

  7. What an interesting trailer for Amadeus. I think it does a great job of capturing man’s diverse reactions to something that is unfamiliar and unique. Some consider originality to be brilliance while others think of it as preposterous.

  8. Amadeus represents all people who take their talent for granted.

  9. Amadeus is a great movie, and watching it for the second time made it even better. Having to watch it for my music 19 class, I was more inclined toward the music and the conflict that Mozart and Antonio had. And In the end Antonio lived and died with regret and guilt for the Mozart’s death. Watching it for the second time I saw Mozart’s life as a brilliant rock star of his era which portrays exciting life of todays celebrity.

  10. Out of all the films that we watched this semester, I would have to say I enjoyed this film the most. Such a great story line. I liked how they showed Mozart at an immature kid that could get whatever he wanted, while Amadeus worked so hard but was never noticed and got outdone by Mozart.

  11. This was a very heart touching movie I watched in class. It was a very interesting how they showed the people who wants to be famous can’t be and the people who doesn’t wanted they get it.

  12. This film was one of my favorite in class films. This is because i feel like it really captured all the diffrent emotions that people feel whether they are the one on top of the world, or being passed bye.

  13. I really enjoyed the movie. It was obvious to notice the jelousy Saliery had on Mozart. Saliery life was dead already since the moment he grew jelousy on Mozart . Mozart on the other hand was great and what he did and had no jealously for Saliery and I guess you can say he enjoyed life. Overall it was a really great, life teaching movie.

  14. Despite of the historical inaccuracies about the life and death of Mozart nevertheless this is a great film. Thus far is my favorite movie we have watched in class.

  15. I loved this play it showcase real human emotions and humans reactions to that emotions. I like to learn about history and I love music so for me this was a great read. I had to watch this movie for a music class and I was so intrigued by the story.

  16. I had not seen anything about Mozart before or any composer before this. I liked how it showed Mozart as the new up and comer and was perfered over the older composers. I also liked how Mozart broke so many rules when he made his plays and when everyone saw them they changed the rules. But in the end his play writing became an obsession and killed Mozart.

  17. I really enjoyed this movie and thought that Mozart was acted precisely. This movie truly shows what a true artist Mozart was. I liked that the film not only focused on the positive aspects of Mozart’s life but also the negative parts of it. The music that accompanied the film was also great.

  18. I loved this movie. The story line is intertaining and it has a great message. The movie i think is a great example of how ambition can lead a person to commit horrible things.

  19. This movie was incredible because of the story that is being portrayed. Salieri’s jeoulousy made him go against god he had no trust. Mozart’s life was just a crazy story which makes this movie a great movie.

  20. I loved this movie so much! It shows how people act when they become jealous and when they are not contempt with their own lives.

  21. great story showing the aspects of his life, and the musical aspect of it just gave it a great twist.

  22. I enjoyed watching this film. I used to play the piano, so I kind of know what happens when the passion takes over in your life. All I can say is that it is sad when Work and dreams take the life for a man with the talents to do anthing….

  23. I enjoyed watching this film. I used to play the piano, so I kind of know what happens when the passion takes over in your life. All I can say is that it is sad when Work and dreams take the life for a man with the talents to do anthing

  24. This was a very interesting movie. It was intersting to see Mozart as a person and not just from his name and music. Even though we saw him from a negative eye, that is what made the story that much more entertaining.

  25. This is one movie that I have seen at least 10 times and it never gets old. I think that it shows a different side to the story of the legendary Mozart, probably because it is shown through Salieri’s eyes. At times the story is humorous, and at others it makes my heart hurt. It really has it all. Also, it really explores the dynamic of a person’s guilt. Salieri did not literally kill Mozart, but he will not let himself off the hook because of the things that he forced Mozart to do during his life. It is really tragic.

  26. It was quite an interesting and entertaining movie to watch. But I am not so sure about the accuracy of movie in respect with Mozart’s life. I say this because Hollywood has the tendency to distort historical facts with the sole intentions of just selling their product. There is no doubt that Mozart was a Genius, yet I doubt that Mozart was that goofy and mentally disturbed. At least not to that extend. However, I really enjoyed watching the movie.

  27. I really enjoyed the movie. Salieri’s both jealousness and admiration for mozart were interesting. What if mozart had great personality and did not have funny sound of laughing? Would Salieri just admire him and admit that he deserve God’s gift? He attended every performance of mozart and helped him at last though. I think the ghost was Salieri. His jealousness made the talent of mozart more bright in the movie.

  28. I really loved this movie. I had watched it before when I was in high school, and it still interesting to watch. The way it is told by the narrator is really interesting.

  29. Amadeus is a great story, what i find most intreging is the fact the Spectrum views Mozart as a re-encarnation of God when he tries to destroy Mozart he dosn’t see it like that in him mind he is punishing God for giving Mozat such a great talent that he believes mozart doesn’t deserve.

  30. Ive watched this video and it was such a good movie. It was interesting and his luaghing was halarious. Mozart was such a great musician but very childish in the movie. It makes one feel bad for him.

  31. I must have seen the artwork on the box of this movie a million times and yet i still have never seen it. After watching the trailer it seems more interesting that i made it out to be based on its appearance. I like historical dramas and as i understand it Mozart was very eccentric and this movie seems to display that. Many genius’ were and are very odd and i like stories of people who break the mold. This will most definitely be in my line up for netflix in the not too distant future.

  32. Amadeus is such a wonderful story, I have watched this film a while ago when I was studing music theroy. Mozart life is truely one that covers the full spectrum of Brillance in music scandal in his personal life, struggle professionally and clusmyness all around.

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