Alabama Elementary School Bans Using ‘Easter’ in Egg Hunt, Bunny

War on Faith?: Alabama Elementary School Bans the Word Easter

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  1. This is just so tricky. People are so concerned about whether they offend people or not that they go to such extreme lengths to not offend somebody, but those actions inadvertently offend almost everybody. I can see where they’re coming from, but religious upbringing or no, kids do not understand religion. They’re kids. Little ones just want to find some chocolate eggs, what’s so bad about that?

  2. Samantha R. Cimilluca

    I honestly think that this was very dumb. If people want to say Easter, then they can say Easter. Easter is a religious holiday and America has associated egg hunts and bunnies with this holiday. It’s how many people go about the day of Easter. If some parents are against it, then their kid can miss school for a day.
    I think this religious fight is getting out of hand.
    Like one person said how Easter break is spring break and Christmas break is winter break.
    This year, many schools had different spring breaks and i heard it was because of a religious matter.
    This also made me think about how people wanted to remove the cross from the top of mt. Rubidoux.
    This is just so dumb, in my opinion, and it makes me angry.

  3. Easter does reflect an event in the Christian religion, and not everyone is a Christian. However this is a little extreme in it’s actions, to go to such great lengths to stop something as small as this, seems ineffective. Children look forward to Easter and taking that away from them because of a title doesn’t seem fair.

  4. I also think this is ridiculous because people are just too extreme in their decisions. They might as well ban all the holidays because of their names.

  5. They just took this too serious. Kids just enjoy these Easter egg hunts for fun. And to ban the word? Just irrelevant.

  6. The act of the egg hunt or the idea of the Easter Bunny is not particularly religious, but since this country was founded on Christian values, the Easter holiday is celebrated in the United States. The fact that this became an issue in Alabama is ridiculous and I don’t understand why this school felt the need to ban the word “Easter”. This should not have made the news because it was made into a bigger deal than necessary, but I guess not much happens in Alabama.

  7. I believe people are allowed to say Easter no matter what, it is a name of a holiday. Children love Easter and finding eggs, it is exciting to them. Taking it away is wrong. If people don’t like it, don’t participate.

  8. I believe people have the right to express their beliefs but the word Easter doesn’t have any fault in this. Its just the name of the holiday. what matters is how people see this holiday as.

  9. It is never that serious. Who cares if they call it ” easter egg hunt” or an “egg hunt”. Everyone may think different and if they get to do a hunt or whatever who cares as long as the kids are having fun.

  10. I can’t stand fucking people these days. Yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but these are little kids. Kids need to be kids, let them enjoy life while they still can since this world is pretty harsh.

  11. This reminds me about the issue about whether or not there should be a cross on Mount Rubidoux. Mount Rubidoux belongs to the city of Riverside, and because the cross is seen as a religious symbol, there were groups caused a ruckus because they wanted to make sure that the church and the state remained seperate. I guess the city sold the tiny spot on Mount Rubidoux where the cross stands to make them happy. The easter egg thing is just silly. I support the easter bunny.

  12. That’s pretty unfair to the children. The principle is taking away from those kid’s childhood and fun. We have almost completely changed the meaning of Easter and is really about the fun of it. Going on an egg hunt has absolutely nothing to do with religion. If you can’t have the Easter bunny, you just have a bunny and what’s so special about that?

  13. I do believe people are entitled to their own opinion and what they believe in. I can see why the word was band, but i think the word Easter isn’t going to hurt the kids in anyway.

  14. I think that everyone is allowed to have their own beliefs. But they shouldn’t blame the “Easter”. The word Easter doesn’t have nothing related to religion. An Easter egg hunt is just a really fun game that kids have been waiting all year long. They also shouldn’t take away this because it is somthing that children really love the idea of finding eggs.

    • I agree. It’s pretty dumb. The name, “Easter” has nothing to do with the resurrection of Christ anyway. Its roots are in paganism. Egg-laying bunnies and chocolate-covered strawberries at champagne brunches on Easter morning have nothing to do with the actual holiday. These God haters are going about it all wrong; they attacking the popular holiday that has nothing to do with God or Christianity.

      If they really wanted to make a statement, maybe they should lobby to try to make it illegal for Christians to attend church on Easter morning? That would go viral! Yep–pretty dumb.

  15. this is silly to me. I was raised Roman Catholic. I went to Sunday school, learned the gospels, was baptized, and had my communion. But, as i grew up and began to have my own views on religion and cultures I became detached from my religious ties. And i promise none of it had to with Easter egg hunts. let the kids have their fun, if they chose to believe in god, or not, it wouldn’t be because of the Easter bunny.

  16. Easter itself is a religious holiday, but the reputation America has given it is bunnies, eggs, and chocolate. Having children go on Easter egg hunts is not religious at all. I would understand a bible study being banned, but not a school egg hunt. Just like how Easter break is now spring break and Christmas break is now winter break.

  17. What does the Easter bunny have to do with Christ? This is just dumb cheap schools not wanting to pay. Easter bunny has nothing to with religion or any biblical thing for that matter. This is just another way to make cuts on spending for public schools.

  18. It doesn’t make since that they would take away an Easter egg hunt from all of the kids just because a few parents disagreed. It doesn’t matter what the parents believe, the children wouldn’t understand the religious aspect of it. Their main focus would be collecting eggs and getting candy.

  19. How fucking far are we going to go on this?! Seriously?! This is getting out of hand, War on faith, on religion, on gays, on drugs, on war itself, on weapons, on republicans, on health. What’s with our damn country standing here saying “we should be more peaceful and nice” then having a thousand different wars on “Ideas, Objects and Beliefs” the stupidest things to battle are things are such nature. You’re not going to change anyone’s mind, you’re just going to make yourself look like an asshole. What happens when we have the “War on speaking your mind” that if your mind offends someone, you should be arrested or fined, because you hurt someone’s feelings. I’m really starting to hate this country, and the stupid selfish idiots in it.

  20. The holiday of Easter has been Americanized and changed to still be somewhat religious from the original Easter, but today it is not even viewed at as a religious holiday to some people. The banned Easter egg hunt is just another political problem in our government, freedom of religion has been twisted and changed just to save people from having to deal with problems and its very sad that it came to that.

  21. Wow the whole purpose of Easter is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a religious holiday and should stay that way, and if people don’t like it, then they don’t have to celebrate it. But that isn’t fair to the children who do celebrate Easter by playing games and eating candy. Parents shouldn’t take away a child’s fun just because they don’t believe in the meaning of Easter.

  22. It’s unfair that the school had to withdraw from Easter related activities due to a couple of parents disagreeing with Easter. If the parents disagree with such activities they should just have their kids sit out and not participate.

  23. I just think this is another one of those things that people look too deep into. If parents have sucha strong issue with easter bunnies and easter eggs than they should just not allow their child to participate. The word easter being in front of bunny should not have to lead to a news report and a big discussion of the name change. It is going to be throughout the world, and the kids think of it as games and fun not what the word “Easter” means.

  24. Wow. I can’t believe that the school banned the word “Easter”. Most of the kids celebrate this day because of the games, eggs, and candies. And most of them don’t even know the real meaning of this day. I don’t know why the school had to make this a big deal.

  25. Crazy people that’s all I can say. People going to far with the egg hunt. I just wonder what’s next Christmas?

  26. I think it’s ridiculous that they would ban the word “Easter.” It is simply a worldwide holiday for believers or non-believers. I agree that kids just need to be kids. People need to stop ruining that for them!

  27. That is just sad like she had said let the kids be kids. If you take away somthing like that it is terribele because the children love the idea of finding eggs . take it away what are you going to do for the children.

  28. That is just sad like she had said let the kids be kids. If you take away somthing like that it is terribele because the children love the idea of finding eggs . take it away what are you going to do for the children.

  29. Wow. What happened to freedom of religion, what about freedom of speech?! They took away an egg hunt becauise the term Easter isn’t politically correct? When I think Easter bunny, I never even think about religion. Even as a small child,I knew there was no correlation between a bunny and Easter because I was raised with the Christian understanding of Easter being the resurrection of Christ. An Easter egg hunt is a simple, childish tradition that should be preserved and celebrated, regardless how a select few may interpret it. This is America and here we believe in the Easter bunny and egg hunts are a treasured part of the chilhoods of thousands of people.

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