Al Gore: An Inconvenient Truth Revisited

All sides to this issue can be found on youtube videos–some are highlighted at the end of this short film that tells how the East Anglia University Fraud occured.  After watching this short film, go to the last film in the Final Exam Video category, commissioned after the fraud was exposed in the same time frame as this film:



32 responses to “Al Gore: An Inconvenient Truth Revisited

  1. I dont understand how Al Gore won a Nobel Peace prize when nothing with global warming has actually been proven.

  2. The Noble Peace Prize was new to me, everything i already new and some i just learned a few minutes ago from the other videos on this website but still, this was very cool to watch. Very short and gets straight to the point.

  3. In high school I was shown the movie. I had no idea how misleading the movie was. It’s a shame to see so much dishonesty in the scientific world.

  4. This video showed a lot of things opposite to what most have are shown on tv. With today’s world being driving by money, you never know is in it the good cause and who is in it for the money.

  5. I am appalled that something so inaccurate can be blown out of proportion and cause an exaggerated disruption in society. The main question is, how does one get away with this? Another interesting theory Gore had was that the state of California would eventually separate from the United States or drown. The irony in this is that Gore just purchased a getaway home in CAlifornia for an estimated 9 million dollars. Check the like for more.

  6. This film shows how anybody can manipulate the masses because the masses lack the common knowledge of what is truth. I remember when his documentary came out. I was part of the masses that didn’t understand much about science and just took for granted that the Vice President knew what he was talking about. Because we didn’t think he would go through all of this to just deceive us. Having a genuine concern about the environment is commendable. But presenting half truths to make yourself look good disheartening.

  7. Most people really are “lemmings” because they do not research information and believe everything that is in the media. So it is easy for people like Al Gore to make money by scamming people who don’t put the time to really research things. People have to learn to get everyone’s insight and not just assume the first person they talk to is correct.

  8. Lies, political slander, and hypocrites. It ceases to amaze me what some people will do for money. Al Gore is incredibly naive for thinking that the truth wouldn’t come out sooner or later.

  9. This just goes to show that global warming is just propaganda and used for political reasons. The problem comes when the people take advantage of this lie to make money and worry those who aren’t correctly informed.

  10. William J. Gonzales

    I swear Al Gore’s in this whole global warming propaganda for the money! Geez he shouldn’t be receiving money for his ability to B.S. Heck the money would be better off trying to improve the economy. it should not be used to get this Hypocrite rich on some false evidence.

  11. Miranda B. Barragan

    I thought it was actually funny to see that this man is trying si hard to become wealthy and trick everyone, when he himself has 5 mansions and has the biggest carbon footprint of all!

  12. Always easy to make money off of poor souls who don’t put the time to really research things. People have to learn to get everyone’s perspective on things and not just assume the first person they talk to about a subject is correct.

  13. most people tend to believe what they hear instead of looking more into it to see if what they were told was true. sucks that almost everlasting we are told is a lie now.

  14. It is a very unfortunate thing to see people be so easily fooled and manipulated by the words of other people. This video proves how someone with such little knowledge can fool you into believing their point of view with actual false information. The media went from being a helpful source to becoming a source that continues to lie to the public. Propaganda has come such a long way that practically everything we hear are lies.

  15. Brianna V. Gonzalez

    I might actually say this is no surprise to me. The media misinforms us, yet once again! Of course, global warming is propaganda. Al Gore got away with winning a nobel prize for his inaccurate information he provided in the documentary and it is such a shame how many people who watched this film will believe it because, “why would he lie, right? He is a politician…” Such a shame in my eyes.

  16. It’s crazy what people will do for money. I thought Al Gore was helping the world but by this video it shows he isn’t. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

  17. Wow Al Gore’s word will probally never be good again after this video. This is why I need to start researching things I learn from politicions because, many of them are bias and just stick to their own opinions. This reminds me of the old saying “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear”.

  18. This just shows how much politicians lie to the public to earn their own personal gain and that they allowed to get away with lying to the public. I don’t believe much of what the media says and go like to go by research. I am glad that I didn’t watch this movie and can’t believe he won awards for it, unbelievable.

  19. I don’t think I believe anything the media says anymore. Everything is a lie. Global warming is not happening and it’s sad to see people in power mislead the Americans for their own selfish benefits. People should get informed, I for one am going to start doing my own research. I never saw the movie An Inconvenient truth, but now I’m glad that I didn’t waste my time.

  20. This is an interesting outlook on Al Gore it makes me feel misled. I remember global warming being a big deal advertised all over America. I guess America prasied a fellow american for his works before appling the scenitfic method. I’m interested too look more into this claim and i can believe it to be true as Al Gore has died out the media in recent times. Its also ironic for the British to be the ones to call him out and prove him wrong it makes Americans look dumb and manipulated.

  21. This is like the old saying ” a fool and his money are soon departed.” What kind of FOOL are you?

  22. i remember watching this in my biology class in 10th grade. Al gore makes the movie seem like global warming is a really big deal and to find out that it was all lies and a hoax. global warming is a great deal of political controversy.

  23. I am very disappointed that people who are powerful love to corrupt society. This only misleads people and what good is that for the future? We the people should stand up and fight for false statements that are taught a lll through out the world! I know that many don’t have the time to be searching every single thing, but we do have knowledge that we gained through out k-12. So, we should use that knowledge, instead of being mislead.

  24. I am astonished by the fact that many people are fooled by these ridiculous stories. Its a shame he is able to get away with this.

  25. Amazing what power politicians have in the pubic eye! We as citizens have a responsibility to be informed and not buy in to the political propaganda that is spewed upon us. I also love to show my kids these videos so they at a young age can learn it is okay to question what is being taught to them in school.

  26. Literally, the day after we discussed this in class, my Astronomy teacher gave my class a three hour lecture about global warming and the proof of its existence. I even remember that in high school, my Honors Biology and Honors Chemistry classes made us watch Al Gore’s movie during Earth Week. In high school I heard nothing but people preach to me that global warming was true. This clip really made me understand that what people have taught me for the past four years may not be entirely true. I think the craziest part was that Al Gore preached in his movie about the water rising; however, he goes and buys beach front property. I think Trey Parker and Matt Smith hit it spot on when they discussed Al Gore in one South Park’s older episodes.

  27. This video read my mind when it said that Nobel peace prizes are won by politics not science because how can al gore can win if there are still many disagreements about global warming? Everything in this society is about politics and money when it comes to global issues. Everyone wants to put there two cents for something in return instead of just solving the issue for love of doing it. For example, I don’t play basketball just for the simple reason that I get paid millions in the NBA. I play because I love the game.

  28. I’ve never watched this movie, and I am glad I never have. How did he receive a nobel peace prize for a something that has almost no real evidence in the movie.. Al Gore just seems like a hypocrite.

  29. I can’t believe Al Gore can just get away with showing this ridicules documentary (if you want to even call it that). The worst part about it is hes not just fooling adults but children too. By showing this movie is schools he is brain washing children into believing the wrong scientific things he is trying to clam. Thank goodness for smarter people out there that look for facts and don’t just believe what Al Gore is saying.

  30. there were two events in high school where we were told to watch Al Gores theory on global warming and write an essay about how to better protect the ozone depletion. i always found it annoying that we were asked to solve an unrealistic problem and instead of being asked if we were in agreement with Al Gore we were automatically expected to side with his views and create a solution. after seeing this video its apparent that public education systems feed kids a mess of lies. they are taught to think one way and listen to a documentary and arent even told about all the false accusations that are made in this film. I find it interesting that british schools cant even be shown this documentary without understanding the falseness of so many of the explanations, where as when i watched it my teacher acted as if that was just the way it was an no other view point even existed. global warming is a ridiculous topic, and people spend way too much time trying to understand humanities impact in the depletion of the ozone. the Earth has survived miraculous circumstances. im pretty sure that making plastic bags and using hair spray aren’t going to bring us all to Earths end.

  31. This is what happens when we just believe whatever we are told without questioning it.

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