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This short video will reinforce the skills/ideas needed to be successful in both English 1A and English 1B. Watch this and then reply with a comment after viewing.

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  1. I think American Culture is rapidly discouraging critical thinking among the general public. Technology has had an important role in this decline. Americans rarely want to take the time to read and understand a topic that they know nothing about. All that is desired is a quick, bullet point answer from a “credible” online news source. Although internet technology is an amazing thing and can be a great tool for looking up information, Americans tend to believe anything they read and do not question the bias or agenda behind the mediator. On a more positive note, I have noticed a slight trend towards critical thinking. The Public seems like it is finally starting to realize that not everything they read is factual and are searching for truth in an ocean of lies.

  2. Interesting to see in elementary schools today when they don’t teach critical thinking. I believe it should be a requirement for students to take critical thinking classes. Although the classes they are taking such as math, English, and science are suppose to teach them critical thinking, it does not teach them what they need to know. So many teachers today just stick to the book and what the school district tells them to cover. Teachers need to be able to teach students to think for themselves and critical thinking is the key to that.

  3. Of course it should be necessary to being to think for yourself. We all have our own beliefs and thoughts of certain things, in anything really. But they are always based off of how others think, and how others see a certain point of view.mits whether we agree or disagree. I mostly find it hard personally to come up with my own thought at first, but once I hear different pint of views, I expand on those of others’.

  4. Critical thinking is a necessity. However I find that we are almost conditioned by our surroundings. From the media, household, school and friends all help form who we will become. Critical thinking shouldn’t be really confused with common sense. I feel common sense is thrown around too eaily. It is common sense to shake a persons hand if they offer it, but if you were from another country you would have no clue what it’s for. Critical thinking is being aware what is going on around you and putting more effort into thought than presumed. If there is a political news story in the paper you would have to use critical thinking to deduce what is hyped and what is reality depending on that paper’s political party’s stance.
    Skepticism is a single part of critical thinking. I also believe that there are limits to critical thinking that is normal or okay.

  5. This video shows many points in regards of critical thinking. watching this I have come to realization that many people in this current society do not act or speak with rational decisions. For example, in this video it shows that “memorizing a problem” will help the solution, however it will not help a person improve their critical thinking. Critical thinking enables us to recognize a wide range of subjective analysis and improves our thoughts to evaluate certain problems.

  6. I’ve always struggled with critical thinking when it comes to my own matters. “Common sense” is what my mother called it and apparently, I grew up with none. Sitting with friends who have issues, I can map out different scenarios and courses of action for them so quickly and efficiently. For myself, I tend to choose quickly and not so wise as the outcome is usually bad and could have been prevented with just a little more thought. I’ve always admired the ability to be able to think critically, in critical situations, at a moments notice (probably because I’m really bad at it). Skeptical versus naive, the difference between those who question the information and those who believe what they are told (if from a credible source). I always say if you can prove it, then I believe it true. Not much of a skeptic eh?

  7. It disappointing how many lack the ability to express critical thinking. I agree it should start at a very young age because that is when everything is new and easier to absorb the surroundings.
    Critical thinking is applied to everything on a day to day basis. It is essential!
    It is important to point that out.

  8. Critical Thinking can and will be something so easily demonstrated however poorly executed. I feel we need to focus significantly more on our education system to reinforce critical thinking skills. Lucky for myself I was shown at a young age to develop these skills to find many different solutions to one “problem” and I see it can be difficult for people as they age and the effects it has on their lives.

  9. I think critical thinking should happen at a young age. Parents and siblings have a big role in this type of situation because if they help children out then it will be easier for children when they grow up to always be thinking critically, instead of what is wrong or right. It is much harder for for people that did not learn younger and once they become an adult they don’t really grasp the idea of critical thinking.

  10. I think that critical thinking should start at a young age. I have two older brothers and when I was younger I would try to prove everything that they said wrong just because they’re my brothers. This helped me with my critical thinking skills because I was continuously thinking of different outcomes to particular scenarios. Unfortunately for me they were right most of the time. One thing that I have noticed is that people are lazy with critical thinking. Most people like to answer only yes or no questions, and when asked a question that requires more than a yes or a no, they give elementary answers that barely meets the criteria. We need to be responsible for our own critical thinking because everyone sees things differently.

  11. This video really helped me view life a bit differently.
    What it says is true many of us do see the world in black and white and thats it.
    However, black doesnt just turn white, it fades.
    There’s much grey area out in the world that has yet to be discovered because we are so close-minded.
    i really enjoy videos like these that encourage us to think more.
    i think thats the problem today, we are so lazy. too lazy to even think.

  12. “I think, therefore I am.” Indeed, the act of thinking make one believe that his or her existence on earth is a unique one. However, to think critically is a learnt process which improve one’s thinking ability. I actually liked the subject so much that I took one of the critical thinking classes at RCC. The class helped me attain the ability to take one’s argument apart and tell the facts from mere opinion. Also, the class spent a great deal of time on discerning the various kinds of logical fallacies. Afterall, it was a great companion class that goes really well with what English 1A and 1B teach.

  13. I was home schooled throughout out much of my k-12 years and I am so thankful. Whenever I had a question for my mom, she always reciprocated with a question. If I didn’t know how to spell something, she would plop down the Webster dictionary and tell me to look it up. Everything had a summary to accompany it and everything was a conversation with my mom. I liked the reference at 3:16 about the black and white thinking. While many factors are attributed to this such as education and upbringing that mold these type of thinkers, laziness is also undeniable. At RCC I’ve overheard other students discuss hw/classwork and they just give elementary answers. No effort put in to it and they blindly believe this or that offered without proper justification. They do this because it is quick and meets the basic criteria which is an essence just laziness.

  14. Critical thinking is like common sense to me. It should be a trait that everyone should have yet more than half of the world lacks this quality. We cannot blame schools for this only ourselves. How much critical thinking you acquire completely is up to how much you choose to accept. If one is contempt with how they know life and choose not to challenge themselves they will never know their true full potential.

  15. From what I experienced through middle school all the way through high school is that not one teacher encouraged critical thinking. I believe critical thinking should be an integral part in the classroom, because critical thinking can help students think and evaluate information more comprehensively. In addition, this tool can help students create their own solutions to multiple problems and give them the ability to identify and reject false ideas.

  16. This video was very helpful because sometimes as students we forget what the word “Critical Thinking” actually means. Critical thinking helps expand new ideas to form when reading and writing. It helps our minds think of new ideas that we can really focus on and is a tool to everyday thinking. Critical Thinking is important because it helps create new ideas that can reopen our minds instead of just thinking one way, we can really open our minds into different possibilities.

  17. Since we have spent the first couple of weeks getting familiar with Idiocracy, I found myself comparing the characters in the film to the ideas behind this video.

    The video opens with a proverb on self-reliance. Self-reliance is something the characters of Idiocracy lacked. It is something so many lack today, mostly because the answers to everything can be found online. Ehow, YouTube, Yahoo Answers, etc. They all are there to give us a fish.

    Another section of this video focuses on what critical thinking can lead to: A change of position. I think the fear of being proven wrong is what drives many to avoid thinking critically. Sometimes, you can see that you’re wrong, but you’ve already argued your point. Our culture cherishes the so-called “ride or die” people, thus making people too scared to back down and willing to defend a weak point. Critical thinkers have to be unbiased and bold. They must be willing to take different perspectives.

  18. Critical thinking is an aspect that we need to have in our education. I wish some of my educators would have encouraged some critical thinking in their classrooms instead of giving the students one direct way of thinking. My English 50 professor, Professor Allen, would tell us all the time that we should always question what people tell us.

  19. I did have to watch this a couple times to get all the information because the video is fast pace. I agree that in critical thinking we need to WANT to think, and also put effort into retaining the knowledge that we consume. I also agree that when we are faced with options we only see the “black or white”, being just two options. While in reality there are numerous options.

  20. I hope more students watch this video and get at least one basic point out of it. There is more to just QUESTIONING! More often than not undergraduate students seem to just question everything and anything they have ever learned or been taught in their lives up to now, and then just stop there. Please, as the video states, you must do all of these: “analyze, conceptualize, define, examine,infer, listen, yes question, reason and synthesize” All in all a good video.

    • I completely agree with your response. So often those who regard themselves as educated individuals feel as if it is enough to merely analyze a problem and speculate rather than to move beyond their initial interpretation and synthesize the data they have compiled.

  21. It took me several times watching the video before I fully understood what it was saying since it goes on in a fast pace. I think I understand it more than the first time I watched it and it has opened my eyes up a bit. Also, the other cites were helpful to read through.

  22. I was listening to this radio show this morning. The guy was saying that the idea of reason, and of us being reasonable animals, is childish – even more childish than believing in God. He calls it a childish delusion, adding “one of the things we know for sure is that human beings are not rational animals. If human beings were potentially capable of applying reason in their lives they would show some sign of learning from what they did in the past. but history and everyday practice show them committing the same follies over and over again.” Although the person who says this has a point, that doesn’t mean that humans don’t have the capacity to reason. If we didn’t have the capacity to reason, God wouldn’t invite us to reason – “Come, let us reason”. I agree with this video, but I also know that we can’t treat all information the same, because the sources vary. The speaker concludes that “The notion that human life could ever be ruled by reason is an exercise in make-believe.” His summary is that we are only partly rational creatures, and we shouldn’t put our being into something so limited.

  23. Critical thinking skills are so important. I think it is very important to teach young children how to think critically because it will provide them with skills that will enable them to intelligently solve problems. If the United States focused more on teaching critical thinking skills instead of how to take a test our rankimg in education would not be so low. When we think critically it becomes easier to learn and understand new concepts because our minds are open and capable of proper reasoning.

  24. This video was great I know know why critical thinking is so important . Reason is something we all need to have in order to be thinking critical. I really agree with when it says in the video that we don’t have to accept claims but we do have to learn to understand them. I also like that it says that we must want to be better at thinking.

  25. As of this past Spring semester i have not had one teacher to honestly teach me critical thinking and it’s honestly pretty sad. High schools try to act like they are preparing their students for the future and to go on to bigger and better things as college, but realistically its a very small percentage who are actually prepared. I took English 1A in the Spring with a great professor and even though 1A is still a lot of literary work she taught us a lot about critical thinking and to be quite honest she has been one of my favorite English teachers till now. It’s sickening to know that so few students actually make it up to 1B and those who do take a very long time to reach it when ideally everyone should be testing into 1A. But the way our school systems are set up it seems that everything is just being dumbed down.

  26. Many highschools clam that they are teaching critical thinking. All I see are students being tought to regurgitate answers. What is so scary about a society that is capable of evaluating information and thought in a disciplined manner.

  27. This video is great at displaying an organzied form of critcial thinking. In order to think critical one must expect the fact there will be bias view point. When thinking we must also think of the effects these decsions will have in the future. Another improtant aspect is, just because one idea invalid that doesn’t mean the bias view is valid so both must be examined equally.

  28. Critical thinking helped me a lot in my math classes. I was so used to using one certain formula or procedure in order to find the answer to the equation but as i moved up into more advanced classes, i was taught that there is more than one way to solve a problem. It was up to us to think and determine which way was the most efficient and effective.

  29. A closed mind is a roadblock to critical thinking and is irresponsible. I have found that the most valuable tools (assets) I have to use are my listening skills. Sensory listening with my ears and internal listening with my mind and with my heart.

  30. In the beginning of the video it said people “Memorize the solution to a problem,” which i find very true. The reason I think people only memorize one way is either because they are lazy or haven’t been taught how to think outside the box. The video also mentions something many professors have told me, that you can’t go into a situation with a closed mind. People should always be open to new ideas because you never know what you might learn.

  31. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    This video informed me a lot and it does make you rethink but also being in communications I learned you can’t be defensive and block out something just because I think it’s only right to hear both sides in every situation.

  32. The idea that rang truest to me would be the one about not thinking the world is just black or white. I see it so often in this world and I think it is the source of a lot of the worlds problems, you’re either a republican or you’re a democrat, you either believe in god or you’re an atheist. I think this black and white thinking gives people an excuse to distance themselves from their fellow man, instead of trying to find common ground and work together.

  33. I learn a lot from this video. Make me think twice about my opinion on multiple social issues. From now on, i have to think in term of both side of the argument and move away from rash conclusion.

  34. The world is divided up into two kinds of people: those who divide up the world into two kinds of people, and those who don’t. 🙂

  35. I agree with the video that we should have a healthy amount of skepticism. But the speaker on the video claims that skepticism “doesn’t mean an indiscriminate rejection of ideas, as some mistakenly believe.” However, the speaker is using a healthier definition of the word while denying another very valid (though darker) definition of that word, as I understand it. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it correct that philosophical skeptics reject the notion that we can know anything with certainty? Hmm…. That kind of skeptic, won’t be able to correct my definition without affirming some kind of certainty. That kind of skepticism lives in the realm of absurdity; it cancels itself.

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