A Posting by a Student, Brianna White

I’m amazed Brianna found this blatant abuse of our national charity on-line.  I’m so embarrassed for this young woman’s lack of honor, even if she isn’t.  jk

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45 responses to “A Posting by a Student, Brianna White

  1. It was really refreshing to listen something good about the America. Troubled by foreign wars it is really hard to focus on the positive aspects. I personally do not have these benefits because I am an international student but it must be really amazing to be supported by the government. Californians you are lucky!

  2. I agree this is atrocious and tax payer money should not be going into the hands of people that are unwilling to work and depend soley on a social saftey net but does this one woman represent the majority or even a decent percentage of people in the U.S. that receive welfare? Could this be a stereotypical representation of (albeit a decent amount of people that scam the system) but not accurate of people that do receive the services and work hard for a living and just manage to get by? This might be one representation of the issue.

  3. This is sad and it is really how some young mothers think these days.
    It’s easy to have a baby and get on the county, not work but what these young girls do not understand is that they are setting the wrong example for their children. Children are the future and if they are all poluted in the brain with ideas like this then sad to say but there wont be a future.

  4. Tax payer’s money should be going to things that matter. This is ridiculous! People’s hard earned money should not be going to fund meaningless things.

  5. Some people are just so lazy to do better for themselves. I think its wrong for her to use our hardworking money for her own benefits.

  6. it is crazy what people will do for money. you are seriously talking about having children to get paid here. It is really sad how people do things now and days.

  7. This video was quite…interesting. It made me laugh a bit because of the ignorance that graces America.

  8. This video is sad. People like her really are uneducated on these kind of subjects. The people that are getting approved for these programs are because the qualify for them because of their financial situation!

  9. What this women is saying is actually sadly true. It is so disappointing that people wrongfully take advantage of the government. The government needs to make it more complicated for individuals to get ebt, because for the reasons she explains people get ebt for is just wrong. Americans tax dollars should not be going to this!

  10. Now this is what posses me off!!! How is it possable that Americans work so hats so these people can live of out taxes, wow unbelievable.

  11. yea, this lady is a crackhead. Who would take the time and make a video like this?

  12. People are so ignorant sometimes. I honestly cannot stand people like this. They have no respect, no dignity, and do not deserve any money. You could at least be appreciative.

  13. This is just depressing. Tax payers are blinded by ignorant, careless, cavalier people like her over shadowing the legitimate needy. To know and actually see people wasting money that was taken out of hard working people’s paychecks is sickening. I haven’t paid taxes but I would rather personally hand my money to someone I know that deserves and needs it.

  14. I dont understand why people are so proud of living off of what the government gives. There are some people that actually need the money and help. With her saying this the government need to realize just how easy it is for people to take advantage. They need to make it harder for people to get on these programs.

  15. People that work extra hard should be paid what these “unprivileged” people get paid for. Most aren’t even trying to improve themselves! They live off the government and the taxpayers, and they still have the nerve to complain they aren’t getting enough!

  16. Wow, she must really be crazy to make a video about that!

  17. This was hilarious…

  18. It’s crazy that our government allows stuff like this all the time to happen. Tax payers are paying for this lady to have child are and she is not even attempting to improve her lifestyle. I am not a happy camper..

  19. I think that it is funny that society gives people like this so much attention. I understand that it is seen as entertainment, but it only encourages people like this. I hope this woman realizes how ridiculous she sounds.

  20. This video is just pathetic. People these day, man… She clearly does not know what’s going on around here.

  21. Very shocking how this lady is so ignorant! Sad part is that there are many others that think the same as she does!

  22. Why wouldn’t one want to live a life where one can do as one pleases with the money ONE makes instead of living off the financial aid of others?!
    I just dont understand.

  23. This video is just crazy! It is sad that i even see this on a day to day basis. Our country keeps giving money to people who are underserving and using the American workers and tax payers. It is sick to see especially as a student who works and only makes minimum wage.

  24. Wow i honestly laughed at this video. This is so true and a lot of people feel this way in our country. They don’t have the need to work or the hunger to make it because the US is the rich dad who will always come to their rescue and support them.

  25. Wow! I can not even really respond to this sad video except wow the nerve of some people!

  26. Wow I am not even American, and I am an international student. From my point of view, it is so sad that Americans are paying tax for them. It seems it is really happening, and she really can get money like that. I am taking American social problems class, and many students got mad because they are paying tax for criminals who committed crime and sit in a jail for some decades. So some of them were supporting death penalty because of that. I bet they will get really upset for this. I can’t understand America sometimes. I thought America was on strong individualism, but some people are strongly depend on others, why? They are not individualistic only when they are need to?

  27. Its sad that people will take advantage of the system because there is people out there who really have no other choice and need the help. Why should anyone work hard if our hard earned money is going to people like this young lady. Its such a disgrace to have individuals like her living in such a great state that can provide so much help to those in REAL need.

  28. i dont think she really knows what she is talking about ..

  29. She is really ignorant and if I had the power I would consider that to be a fraud. People are cheating the process of this EBT money which irritates me because it is a good idea to help those in need but the system is clearly not working and needs to be changed ASAP! And by the way she is dressed it gives you a streotype of how those people are up to no good.

  30. since i couldn’t understand, i had my mom interrpter this video to me. and we are very shocked how dumb she is! i mean wow. why is she thinking that?!

  31. This is so disgusting! I cant believe that this young lady is basically stating waht she uses her EBT for. She states all the benefits of EBT as if it were some game. She obviously has no shame, One dressed like that and two taking advantage of “Tax Payers” dollars and how she so carelessly is allowing herself to be recorded as she speaks about how people use EBT the wrong way.

  32. this is stupid people like this make everybody think that americans are dumb she is retarted and needs to learn something before she talks.

  33. This is so shocking. I work myself to pay for my education. I cannot believe we have to pay for these kind of people. The government should be more aware of the people that receive welfare.

  34. wow ahaha this is horrible and its embarrassing.

  35. This is just mind blowing. I’m 18 and work for all that I have: schooling, car, insurance, food, housing, books, everything! I am only making minimum wage, so i have to work very long hours to afford all these bills, while a huge chunk of my pay check is going to people like this?!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? this is just shocking to me. I understand helping people out, but this is just taking it to a whole other level. They are living off of our work! Something needs to change soon because this is NOT right!!!

  36. I kind of want to throw up… wow. Maybe I should just stop working? jk!

  37. WOW. this is ridiculous. this is what our tax money goes to?
    i am literally speechless.

  38. wow its very sad how our people have to work their butt off stress out because they need to find a way to pay their bills, and there are persons like this who just sit around and do nothing waiting for our taxes to go to them!!!! wow seriously cant believe it!!!!!

  39. I can not believe there are people like this!!! why should i work my butt off at 2 jobs for this dumb bimbo to sit around and do nothing while we just hand her money???

  40. Wow the end of this video just blew my mind!!!! I’m working my but off and having all these taxes taken from my checks to pay for these kind of scumbags. NO!! This is not right at all i should not pay for someones kids to go to daycare and for someone to sit at home and not attempt to get a job, because the tax payers take care of them…smh

  41. Wow! This is just insane to me, the fact that she can just go ahead and use the money we worked hard for with out her having to do a single this is just disrespectful!

  42. Well she said it. “you can you use EBT card at fast food now” ggggrrreeaaatttt, so lets raise obesity, while were at it.

  43. people dont seem to enjoy what they have and are getting and if these people were cut off i wonder how things would change.

  44. We should all go occupy her neighborhood and demand the same deal. Only problem is we have to go to work to support our family and her lifestyle.

  45. “Who would want to work in America, this is what the tax payers are paying for”. Is she for real? This is complete disrespect to majority of the population! People are paying taxes, and this is how the ones receiving this welfare act? They should be grateful! I’m so shocked!

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