A Message from Judge Judy

Ouch!  Here we go again!!!!!

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  1. Judge Judy really should send this to the Congress. This just shows how tax payers money is going to individuals who don’t even put it to valuable use and are just free loaders who are actually harmful to our society because they are not benefitting the society at all, only taking away from it.

  2. I love watching her show when I can, she is pretty good. I like how she is very honest with the people even if it isn’t what they want to hear someone have to call them out the the crap they have done.

  3. I never watch these court based television shows because the dumbest people are on them. I don’t know how Judge Judy handles the amount of stupidity that comes into that courtroom. As far as the case that was presented in the video, the young man that was given the money by the government was not spending it appropriately and was clearly not appreciative. This annoys me because not qualifying for financial aid or any grants does not mean that it is easy to pay for an education by any means, and it is frustrating when students like this blow their money on things other than rent, bills, etc.

  4. Judge Judy is pretty awesome even though she is on television. She is harsh on the people who make some of the dumbest mistakes because they are trying to cash in on something. She makes dumb ass people feel small.

  5. Judge Judy is an interesting person because of the decisions she makes. I do not recall the exact date but Judge Judy was recently sued and had to sit in the defendant seat which was ironic.

  6. Great video showing how irresponsible many college students are and how they take advantage of the money that is given to them so they can improve themselves and succeed in the future and just use it on themselves and for other useless reasons.

  7. I have always loved watching Judge Judy. She is so harsh but so true. She can make any one feel so stupid for doing something dumb. Its a very entertaining show. The guy in this video seem like he did take a word Judge Judy was saying seriously. People like this guy ruin it from others.

  8. I seriously hope that this is not what most college kids think financial aid is for. Good lord, that kid is confused. I don’t even think he fully grasped exactly what Judge Judy was saying to him.

  9. Judge Judy is right; us taxpayers are paying for many irresponsible people like him. It’s a shame to know that this is where my money is going. I have no problem with helping another; it’s just jerks like him that concern me as to how my money is being spent.

  10. This was a great video about how irresponsible college students can be with money that they get for free from the government and have no idea how fortunate they are to have the help. The male in the video was taking the money that he was getting from tax payers and using it irresponibly on himself rather then paying for somewhere to stay. This is a prime example of how people are using the government to get as much free money to do whatever they want with.

  11. Like I said in a previous post about tax payers, and people who work hard for their money having to support the dead beats in society. I love judge Judy she always has a point, sometimes I feel bad for the people that she is ripping into. However, this case seemed to be taking advantage of the system, once again another person. Everyone has responsibilities and I think that if everyone did their part, things likes this case would not happen as often.

  12. I love Judge Judy she is always so blunt. She always knows how to make people feel stupid for their wrongful decisions. She is so witty and entertaining to watch.

  13. I like how she just says whatever comes to her mind without hesitation. It makes me mad that the tax payers are losing money to support people like him.

  14. I like watching this show, she puts people in their place! I can’t believe people take granted of the system we have in the U.S. to help them to finish school. It is not right that they spend it on things the do not need and get others into debt.

  15. It is unbelievable how people expect to do nothing and get money for free. I know people who recieve financial aid and do nothing remotely related to education with it. I wanted to Punch that guy in the face, and that girl, great way to dismiss the case.

  16. People like this who make mistakes and then expect the governtment to support and help them. People like that ruin it dfor the ones who didn’t make mistakes and actually take the money and use towards what its lent for.

  17. Judge Judy is a “G”(Ganster). She always keeps it real with everyone in her courtroom. She breaks it down to a level where the idiot feels sooooo small. Like a termite, or a termites egg, or like a spec of dirt. This video also shows how a taxpayer feels about their taxes. Case dismissed!

  18. judge judy is a amazing ,strong women . i watch this show all the time with my grandpa . Its the funniest show ever . like in this video , she tells people stright up

  19. There are people that really need money to pay their rent, especially those who have children. The problem is people like this video. They take advantage of the free money they receive. The want to keep getting more and more. This system of welfare needs to get fixed. If this program ends up disappearing, those who are in need will end up homeless, even kids.

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