A Cure for Writer’s Block

My grandfather, Charles Millard Morris (1905-1990), a machinist and tool & die man who specialized in business equipment, always just wanted to be a writer.

Back in the 1920s, he got some kind of award for being able to type in excess of 120 words per minute with scary accuracy.  Here’s a little nugget I read in his diary:

Let yourself go!
Let the words flow!
Soon you will find that some of it stinks.
Then you can leisurely work out the kinks.

Copyright © circa 1925 Charles Millard Morris (1905-1990)

And that was before we had computers with spell checkers and delete buttons!

Charles was the author
of the fun little poem Drink!

33 responses to “A Cure for Writer’s Block

  1. Excellent example for writing our essays and research paper.

  2. I found this to be correct on many things not just writing.

  3. Sometimes it really is best to just let you mind run free and write down all of the thoughts that come to your head.

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  5. His poem actually reall helps! sometimes you just need to stop worrying about the objective but what you are trying to say.

  6. This is amazing because even as i right this i am using spell check without it. I would be lost because I type to fast and everything comes out wrong. I am grateful to have this.

  7. I always use spell check because sometimes if your in a hurry and you type too fast, you don’t know if you added extra letters or words until you go back and proofread.

  8. That’s why proof reading is always useful after spell checking. I realized my incorrect word in my last post too late because I didn’t read it back to myself.

  9. Terrell says, “I’ll take note of this advice. Regarding computers, spell check is a life saver, it’s surprising how many people don’t use it after typing up an essay.

    I would have thought it would have been common sense.”

    I completely agree, but I don’t depend on it too much. For example, It won’t correct you if you write, “to,” or, “too,” when you meant, “two,” or, “there,” “their,” or, “they’re,” etc.

  10. I’ll take note of this advice. Regarding computers, spell check is a life saver, it’s surprising how many people don’t use it after typing up an essay.

    I would have thought it would have been common sense.

  11. this is for sure a remarkable talent and especially for that particular time in age.

  12. I wished my mind worked that way so i could finish the essays quicker. I tend to think about things too much.

  13. I wished my mind worked that way so i could finish the essays quicker. I tend to think about things too much.

  14. Wow 120 words per minute?! That’s fast! What he says is true though. It’s better to just let everything flow and then go back to fix whatever needs to be fixed.

  15. Very impressive! typing fast is one thing, but also able to spell the words correct without mistakes is pretty unbelievable.

  16. Wow! 120 words per minute? And with accuracy? That is a good feat, even by today’s standards.

    I love the little snippet that you posted, as you can really see the inspiration and love he had for writing through those words.

  17. actually this piece of writing is true. sometimes when i write whether it be an essay or something of that sort…. i do notice that if i just flow and let the words come out….i am typically much happier with my work. rather than trying to figure out each individual word.

  18. absolutely, I find my best writing comes when I free write. I dont worry about making sense or punctuation or anything I simply write my ideas or anything that comes to mind. The point is just to get my thoughts on paper. Then I go back and organize my thoughts.

  19. This is very clever! I must say I am going to definitely take that advise and try it out. I Never thought just to let the words come out even if they get a little mixed up.

  20. brainstorm, write anything and everything that comes to mind then revise, makes writing papers so much easier!

  21. It is very hard for me to “let the words flow.” I feel like every word has to be perfect especially since my english isn’t that great. Spanish is my primary language.

  22. Hey that’s what i do every time. I call them drain dumps. I just load up the page with a bunch of my thoughts. After I am done dumping then I clean it up and massage it into a paper.

  23. It’s still hard for me to do. I think about what I want to write, even sometimes making notes on what I’m thinking. Then, when I start writing I have no idea what I’m doing or I write something completely different from the notes I took. I would get frustrated because what I wrote doesn’t fully answer the question I’m given, or not at all, so I usually delete the whole thing. I should learn to not get so caught up with everything.

  24. That is so true. I sometime find myself just rambling on and on when it comes to writing my paper then go back and fix the errors. Even though I may not fix allof them I will have to say that this is a good way to get started when writing a paper. Just don’t think and write… He seems like he was definatly on to something.

  25. Such wonderful advice. I write my best when it comes from the top of my head because I find that I am a lot more honest and although it may be mean to some, depending on the topic, I get my point across and leave my opinion right out in the open. He seems like a great man!

  26. Sounds like a line from the Beastie Boys. Really, when it comes to writting you just have to get some words down on paper. They may not even be your own opinion but they will creat more thought and better understanding.

  27. This is funny i just started writing the first things that came to my head after reading this. Helped me organize my thoughts tho i first wrote them down then put them into order.

  28. I also agree, when I write a paper I never pay attention to the structure or mechanics, untill I feel I have expressed my point appropriately. This usually results with me confusing myself, however it takes me less time, and i can pick and choose my ideas clearly. I think that it is cool that you have this information on your grandfather, my great grandfather was illiterate.

  29. I think I just generally enjoy things that rhyme. I completely agree. Whenever I have to write any type of paper. I sit down with a blank sheet and write down ideas or short phrase that I would want to include. I figure out the structure after, but at least that way I get my brain and creative juices flowing.

  30. My father was an interesting individual. He wrote letters to the editor on a regular basis. He always would write and let his writing set for at least a day before he would send it. I remember that one time the floor to ceiling window in our dining room was ruined by a rock that someone had thrown because my father wrote something “politically incorrect.”

  31. Its true! Many times I have sat down to write something and it just does not come out. If you just start writing then later you can weed out the bad ideas and hone in on the good ones. Good advice.

  32. Great timming.I was telling someone the other day, that the the best way I have found to begin writting is to vomit out ideas and then clean it up later. Hopefully you didn’t eat before you read this.

  33. This technique has helped me once before when I was writing a paper! I was having a difficult time just putting my thoughts onto paper and ended up procrastinating on the assignment. But what helped me was just freely typing whatever ideas I had. I then took a break and returned to the paper to edit.

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