90 year old arrested for feeding homeless

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  1. This is so ridiculous. This man is not a criminal, he has not committed any type of crime! He is out there feeding those in need. Since when has helping others become a crime? I really hope this doesn’t continue, arresting those who feed the homeless.

  2. If you stop and think about it for a moment, you can’t really say the police were in the wrong. There is nothing illegal about kitchens for feeding the homeless, and if you notice there aren’t any police raids on soup kitchens going down in town either. The problem is that they went out on the street, to the public domain, where there are ordinances against selling or distributing food on the street. It’s the same reason we don’t have portable food stands being run outside of people’s houses, it’s a matter of public safety

  3. This is maddening that we have such a tight grip on society that we are unable to help each other anymore. No wonder why charities are failing and outreaches are being shut down when they become too big. The government wants ruling like it’s authoritarian. I get the gesture of regulation, but this is just taking it way too far.

  4. I remember watching this on the news with my mother and shes was totally discussed. I wounder if any of the police officers felt upset taking him away.

  5. EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE BUT THAT IS BULL SHIT!!!!! THIS IS SO INFURIATING!!!!!! Those police officers should feel like the criminals they actually should arrest! Who in their right minds would consider a 90 yr old man a threat!? ‘Drop that plate right now’? WHAT!? Where would this 90 yr old man get the strength, speed, ability to attack an officer without the officer having sufficient time and skill to protect himself?! This is ridiculous! I fear for this unjust society we live in.

  6. I just think its wrong for the police officers to arrest a 90 year old man just because he was feeding the homeless thats just uncalled for.

  7. I feel bad that someone trying to help someone in need is now in trouble. Crazy that a law like this was able to pass, and the fact that these cops enforce it.

  8. Taking the time to help people eat and this might even be their only meal and he gets arrested for it. It’s a shame.

  9. This is so stupid why are they arresting a 90 year old man plus he is not doing any wrong. Hes taking the time to donate and help people who don’t have anything. I feel like the cops were told they had to arrest him because of there job. Defiantly this man will win his case in court again.

  10. I heard a discussion about this on NPR. Florida is essentially trying to force the homeless to use its government funded programs. I think that strategy is absolutely ridiculous. What? We are supposed to make individual kindness and generosity illegal? Give me a break.

  11. This clip makes me sick to my stomach! I am outraged by this. Where has the people’s humanity have gone. I am greatly upset about these priest and 90 year old man being arrested but what has me on the verge of exploding is that this city is prohibiting good deeds. You here people all the time asking what is wrong with humans today that do not stop violence in the streets when they see it, or that they only stand by and watch an injured person rather than help that person out. Yet here no one is being hurt yet this is a crime. A stupid crime! When has it been wrong to feed someone if it were a hungry child would you let them starve because it is against the law to feed the hungry and homeless. I think it was mentioned in class that this law was passed to be a way of taxing the community, a way of taking money from where they can. Instead of enacting stupid laws such as these why not make it a felony for the people who are in the freeway exits asking for money on the daily. They are the ones that are robbing from the state not these people that are feeding the homeless. These thre INNOCENT people used there own supplies and their own appliances to be able to do a noble cause for the less fortunate and yet they are treated as though to be criminals. It is ridiculous it is absurd. Whats next? The banning of toy drives or food drives during the holidays? Are they going to close shelter homes for those in need as well. I thought Obamacare was stupid well government has found a way to make a more stupid law.

  12. I understand that the officers are just doing their job, but it is ridiculous for them to arrest a 90 year old man for feeding the homeless. That is like arresting my grandmother for giving out tamales to some hungry, poor children. This is an unjust situation!

  13. This whole thing seems to be a way to cover up that we have homeless people as if no one will notice them when they are gone. It’s disgusting to see people treated this way because they are trying to help people in need.

  14. “One of the police officers said, ‘Drop that plate right now,’ as if I were carrying a weapon,” said Abbott. it just is unbelievable that they even passed a law that prohibited homeless from sleeping in public. its very sad that what is the best country in the world we still cannot assist our homeless and go even further by making there lives as difficult as possible rather than helping. focus needs to be put in assisting the homeless go through rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

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