Boy Saves His Own Life by Singing to His Kidnapper




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  1. This is pretty amazing that at such a scary time instead of panicking or crying, like anyone would, he sang gospel. I think this shows how well the guardians have raised him to have faith. This boy kept calm, keeping faith, singing in hope to come out ok.
    I wonder what did happen to the kidnapper? I hope they were able to get him.

  2. I am glad this little boy is okay , i believe the song really did save his life, he had faith and sang what came from his heart. I loved that he sang a gospel song, it probably made the man who kidnapped him think twice and realize that what he was doing was totally wrong.

  3. This show that deep within every human there is a spirit and it can be touched. Every person regardless if he or she is a criminal or just odes not believe there is a sense that touches man. This is an awesome testimony of how God work mysteriously yet is very real.

  4. That’s amazing how the little boy reacted so quick to the situation and was able to save himself .

  5. This is such an amazing story. It was beautiful to see how the little boy turned to God during that horrrible situation. Knowing that this boy’s faith in God saved his life strengthens my faith that much more.

  6. I am happy that this little boy is okay. This boy has shown his true love and faith in God. Not to many little kids take religion seriously because they get bored and all that. But, this little boy put so much faith in God. 🙂

  7. Its so amazing that this little boy was so strong in his faith. He sang for three hours which shows he knows the power of praise a worship. God is good!

  8. Elise G. Richardson

    “Every Praise” is a great gospel song, watching the video was entertaining because you can see the audiences reactions. I love flash mobs!

  9. Elise G. Richardson

    This is truly an amazing story, it’s so sad to know that they’re people in this world that would harm and kidnap young children, but thankfully this little boy returned safely home.

  10. This story is incredible. Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go,And when he is old he will not depart from it. What a blessing that even in that situation that little boy was in, he never took his mind of Jesus. Then God showed up and showed out and mad that man take that kid home. He’s real.

  11. Miranda B. Barragan

    I think this boy should be applauded for his bravery. I remember whhen I was nine. I would not have been able to do that. It is amazing how calm and brave he is. even in the video, he shows that he believed in what he was singing.

  12. This is just one of many thing God can do with having faith in him. Willie was taught about God which led him to sing this song and either the kidnapper started to fear God or he was a nonbeliever. It is a blessing that with three hours of singing Willie was completely safe and got back to his guardians.

  13. William J. Gonzales

    I remember watching this on the news and reading about it online! I was just amazed with how this boy did a little thing…singing… to save his life! that’s just great to hear that he saved his life by singing a gospel song!

  14. This is really an inspiring story, and Willy was pretty brave I know most kids his age would have been pretty scared. I hope they catch the kidnapper.

  15. Katarina Ponomaroff

    It’s truly amazing how brave this little nine year old boy was when he got kidnapped and told not to say a word. He managed to outsmart his kidnapper by singing a song for three hours. That is astonishing that he got returned to his family with no injuries and is now sharing his story to the world. It is so horrible that people kidnap children, sadly it is too hard to control. People are absolutely nuts.

  16. Yes i agree this little man is so young yet is so fearless. He was so calm and even singing and showed no signs fear and turned to faith and he was able to get out of a sketchy scenario.

  17. So young yet so brave and thanks to that he was saved. He stayed calm when many other people older than him would not. It is very important to stay calm in every situation.

  18. Christopher Rodriguez

    Such a lucky boy. God was really looking out for him, glad everything turned out okay.

  19. I think he was a very brave boy. Im sure the kidnapper either got tired of him singing or became worried that the Wrath of God would strike him down. Quick thinking on the boys part.

  20. What a brave little kid! Amazing how he kept his faith strong and sang his heart out to God and by some miracle the kidnapper released him. I’m glad that this story had a happy ending and reminds me how we must be so vigilant of our kids. Never leave them out of your sight. This little boy was taken from the front of his house! There’s no mention of where the mom/parents were when this happened. Just glad he’s okay.

  21. It’s amazing how easily people get annoyed and how brave of a kid he was. I can’t imagine singing such an uplifting song in a moment like that.

  22. This is amazing and a miracle that the kidnapper let him go. The little boy sang his heart out and sang to save his life. I hope they find the kidnapper and prosecute.

  23. This is really a miracle the kid had no attempt to be release from the kid napper but had only that urge to sing his heart out. God was watching over him and the kid had faith that everything would be okay.

  24. I find the little boy to be so cute and really interesting as one of my classmates states here, how he sings at a time like this. In which, I would rather be screaming than singing. However, It was truly a blessing the young boy survived and shows the immense love and care god carries for his people.

  25. This amazes me how a little boy can think of even singing at a time most people are can’t even imagine themselves in, but it also does show you that God himself works in mysterious ways and watches over his children.

  26. This is so awesome. The fact that Willie knew the song and it saved his life was truly a gift from above. I liked this story a lot.

  27. This shows that God is still looking out for his people. If you put your life in his hands he will never leave you or forget about you. WORD

  28. Wow. This just really shows how having faith in God and resting everything into his control brings out positive outcomes.

  29. “Glory, hallelujah to our God” are the lyrics of a gospel singer’s song that saved a young boy’s life. The boy was abducted and he continued singing this song for 3 hours and the man had gotten so frustruated he let the young boy go. This goes to show the power and hands of God working for those who have faith in him.

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