81 Year Old Former US Senator Alan Simpson Whoops it up on CBS New York!


Simpson and his young followers-both Democrat and Republican teamed-up to make this video about how to save trillions of over the limit government spending that is bankrupting the nation.  These young people don’t want the status-quo members of congress to “kick the can” down the road, but solve the national debt; these young adults don’t want to pass this debt to their old age and endanger their future families.  Good going gang.  Keep up the pressure on the liars and cheats.

7 responses to “81 Year Old Former US Senator Alan Simpson Whoops it up on CBS New York!

  1. This is funny. I like how he pointed how that the young people are using social media sites for stupid stuff. I think with this generation Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is doing any good to kids we are better of without them.

    • I like the fact that the Senator is showing us that the internet can be used in a positive way and will keep the young people involved in world affairs.

  2. I love this video. I love seeing old people acting young and having a good time. However, I don’t like the social media hype. At the rate social media is growing is scary for the future of kids now, and if i decide to have children it makes me worry for what their childhood will be like.

  3. This video is so funny. I especially loved the part about posting a picture of your breakfast on instagram. The people in this world would go insane if we did not have these social media sites any more. We could do a lot more good with our time if the internet and television did not exist.

  4. This video was so hilarious watching the man try to do the gangnam style dance. The man does have some valid points though so I give him that credit.

  5. Wow, this is so funny. Although he makes valid points, this clip just shows how the world has gone viral. I mean really he is doing the dance for Pete’s sake. Laughing out loud…

  6. that old man is funny ! he has a good point .

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