Smart Dogs?

How long do you think it will take for this dog to get the squirrel?

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  1. This is pretty entertaining but I have to agree I’m not sure how real this would be from the way the squirrel seems to run sideways? As for the dog I wonder how long it took for him to give up, or if the squirrel ended up just going up the tree rather than around it.

  2. I do not think this squirrel is a real squirrel. The way it runs is so strange that it looks like is controlled by some one. Normally, when a squirrel senses danger, it will run straight upward not around the tree. Basing on this, the dog will never catch the squirrel.

  3. Haha that’s clever! I always see dogs doing this but sometimes its with their tail and its funny how easily entertained they are but… so are we!

  4. I see “smart” things like this from dogs all the time. It’s too funny!

  5. Squirrel!!! that dog will never catch the squirrel. the video just keeps repeating.

  6. Wellllll, the clip is replaying itself, so there is no way of finding out. This is cute!

  7. you had me fooled for a second Ms. Kollitz! but after like 4 seconds I realized it was just repeating itself

  8. I actually watched the video for about 30 seconds before realizing that the dog will never catch the squirrel because it’s a repeditive video. Silly me, right!?

  9. This dog will never catch the squirrel because it is a repeating video clip.

  10. So I watch the clip repeat it several times before I realized it was just replaying the scene. I do not believe the dog will catch the square because eventually the squire will just go up into the tree and be out of reach from the dog unless the squire goes down.

  11. The video clip is repeating itself, so there is no answer to the question. One can see that the branches move as the dog about to jump.

  12. This dog looks pretty determined to catch that squirrel so I think he will eventually catch it.

  13. Both of my dogs would do the exact same thing that this dog is doing until they got tired. One of my dogs loves chasing squirrels, lizards, and birds around the yard but never catches them because she knows she would get in trouble.

  14. Honestly I think the dog will go on untill he gets the squirrel or the squirrel climbs further up into the tree. Dog’s are som very determined creatures. Especcially when it comes to playing around.

  15. This video is really funny! That dog has some serious determination. I like how it is the same video replaying over and over again. It makes it seem like the dog is never going to catch the squirrel!

  16. Apparently dogs have become smarter that cats due to socialization with people. But, dogs will be dogs

  17. In that video the dog will never catch the squirrel. That dog is just acting instinctively, he doesnt know whats it doing.

  18. My dog would have climbed the tree. I have a smart dog.

  19. What if the squirrel is chasing the dog? I doubt it, but if you watch the video again with that in mind then it’s pretty funny

  20. more like smart squirrel. this video was amusing poor dog though couldnt catch his little friend.

  21. Christopher Rodriguez

    Poor dog he just wants a friend. The squirrel really played with his emotions.

  22. Silly little dog, he will never succeed on catching that squirrel. It was indeed a lucky day for that squirrel.

  23. The dog does not seem very smart to me, because if he was heb would have juumped up the tree instead of following the squirrel around in a circle. oh, never mind he did jump for the squirrel but couldn’t catch him.

  24. It’s funny and sad at the same time. It reminds me of when my dog chases his tail he’s never going to catch but he never gives up.

  25. Funny! The dog will continually chase the squirrel because it is a media bit on repeat. Hopefully in real life the dog would’t catch the squirrel because that is a bloody mess. I saw my own dogs eat baby birds fallen from their nest in my back patio. I am forever scarred.

  26. The squirrels in my neighborhood taunt my dogs as well.
    I think they have a death wish.

  27. I think this is a never ending clip that keeps repeating and i thought it was real at first.

  28. I have my money on the squirrel leaving the run around party first. Dogs are determined creaters, where squirrels are smart rodents who will soon be bored.

  29. Well I will say that dog is not going to give up, but by the looks of it both the dog and squirrel look like there having fun.

  30. I bet he will be going for a while. The squirrel is making his own game with this dog. Too cute!

  31. I can imagine the dog running in circles for days until the squirrel just quit and ran back up.

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