Matt Drudge: A Recommendation from a Student, a Wothwhile Quest for Your Future


This is Matt Drudge. He gave this speech 15 years ago. He discusses the incredible power of independent news groups, especially with the tool of the internet. However, Matt Drudge’s website doesn’t publish a single article, but it does link to official and unofficial news groups. If you’re still interested in keeping up with the world news, then please bookmark this website. I, a newly aware student, implore you to never become disconnected from the world. Do not become cattle. Do not be fed news by word of mouth. If I am correct about this nation’s current direction, we are heading into strange times; the public seems to go along with whatever is being promoted. Propaganda. In the next ten years, you will hear about local law enforcement using drones. It is already happening. However, there are wise men who have have signed bills to restrict its use. If you are not aware of what drones are, then I suggest you ask those who have been killed by its bombs in the Middle East. This is a powerful technology. It is a dangerous technology, and it must never be implemented in America. If you are not familiar with George Orwell’s 1984 novel, then I suggest you start reading. You will quickly find that we already have a foot planted there. Please do not be a deaf ear, head these words. Never be ignorant to the world.


7 responses to “Matt Drudge: A Recommendation from a Student, a Wothwhile Quest for Your Future

  1. It has become known that essentially the government is behind the media now.

  2. It is important to dig into other media, not just main stream. Main Stream media is no longer the watch dog over the government. He is right, the internet makes us all equal, and anyone can bring to light stores that need to be told. I give props to this guy, he was able to present readers with all different reports and let the readers choose what they educate themselves one. Because of him he gives the news media meaning. I glad he’s not afraid to tell the real story, the unbiased story. He is protecting our first amendment rights. Good for him!

  3. Freedom of press doesn’t exist in the mainstream media anymore. It is all about the independent new sources that are deemed as “unreliable” because they aren’t a part of the top media networks.

  4. Let’s not be spoonfed news from media that are bias and government coerced. They do censor the news and report things that they are told to report. But now there are independent news stations that report the news. I’m glad for that.

  5. this is great! we neeed more individuals like this, the media is ran by those in power who filter information out to the public based on how they want us to feel, we are nothing but sheep being corralled into a pen. Individuals like this guy are friends to the truth, I know for a fact this is happening. I have friends who get information direct from people living the serian conflict, the information the mainstream news media reports about that conflict is nothing compared to what really is happening out there, how is this helping the people? you do more harm than good when you protect the people from what really is happening in this world, it affects all of us. if I learned anything in this English 1a class is that I should question everything! if it reaches the people, it reaches us for a reason, who’s behind it and what are their intentions.

  6. I like the fact despite what he gone through he still kept going even though no one wanted to hear his honestly.

  7. I really like how this guy Matt Drudge was so honest when he mentions the Clinton scandal. He isnt scared to be heard. He mentions how press freedom is one of the most important kind of freedoms because we let this government know what us as citizens really want. Freedom of participation is something he really wants for this country and how some people see many issues with this.

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