Hillary Clinton Denies Any Guilt in Bengazi Debacle



9 responses to “Hillary Clinton Denies Any Guilt in Bengazi Debacle

  1. The fact that she lied about the event to try and throw blame at someone else shows how weak she really is. If you want to be a president you better get used to making decisions and taking the blame for it, because it will all be on you.

  2. I feel like I can not listen to any of these conspiracy videos anymore because all it sounds like is propoganda. This nation has gone too far down the drain when it comes to getting out all of the facts on an issue because it gets too caught up in the politics involved. The press can’t say anything that will offend one side or the other. It sounds to me like on one hand the terrorist angle would prove to rile up the troops all over again to go raid the muslim countries some more while the video angle protects Clinton’s ass a little bit. Either way, this country is deluded and needs to stop acting so dumb all the time and use some actual logic. Maybe then we wouldn
    t be so torn between two parties and we could become a strong nation once more.

  3. What is so hard about telling the truth? I do not get why people like to cover up lies, eventually they get leaked out with the truth but seriously it’s so insane how much we are being lied to!

  4. Its sad to see how society sometimes likes to cover things up. Especially important people like them, they arrange things in the way they want them to be. They should show the real evidence.

  5. Pressed enter by mistake.

    I hate when videos do this, they have NO information pertaining to what they are claiming, then they have the nerve to cut and edit words together to paint the picture they want everyone to see.
    How about making a longer video with ALL the evidence shown instead of 3-5 second clips, and redundantly repeating something then having the video say the exact same thing a second later. If Hillary is apart of something, show me the evidence, clearly, with point in tact, don’t fucking sit here and just say “she’s bad, and here is a 1 and a half minute video to prove it”. Where I am still confused and unsure of the situation as I was going in.

  6. Okay, I’m highly aware that this country has individuals in the government that they can be hanged for the unconstitutional actions they take part in under the table, but I want more information about what they are talking about.

  7. I don’t know what to think. I would like to think that sort of think does not happen in my America.

  8. The amount of lies that have been spread across this nation is truly frustrating. There is no reason why someone should cover something like that up. I can’t believe they demoted the guy who was trying to reveal the truth.

  9. The whole system is corrupt! The government has become bigger and more powerful than the people, and they are constantly trying to hide the facts from us. but the truth will prevail! Us true patriots need to work together because we have the power despite the intimidations the government puts on us. We have the power to impeach that imposter!

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