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A student sent this to me with the following message:

“I thought you may enjoy this. Perhaps it may help someone else in the classes.”

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  1. I love the fact that the story talks about bullying in school and how it’s said those people were wrong for judging you without knowing you in other word don’t judge a book by its cover,.

  2. I loved it when he said this “We grew up learning to cheer-on the underdog because we see ourselves in them.”. It brought a tear to my eye.

  3. It’s true that what happens early during a child’s life can greatly affect them as they grow older. Not every kid grows up in a positive or wealthy environment. Everyone can make it through tough times if they have the strength and support to do so.

  4. I totally agree with this short film. The way kids are treated when they are younger really effects them when they grow up. There are some fortunate kids that going through what they have been through make them realize that they don’t want to mess up their lives and make something good out of them. But I’ve seen some kids go through a lot and end up in bad situations.

  5. Wow this video was very sad but true. There are many cases in which kids grow up in bad environments, such as with mean parents and even with kids in school bullying them. The way that these kids get treated when they are young does affect them as they get older. There are many stories now these days about teenagers committing suicide because of all the problems they go through in life. They feel that they don’t belong and so they try to find a way for all the pain to go away. I don’t really understand all the feelings and pains that these people go through because I wasn’t raised in a bad environment, but all I know is that these people could overcome their problems by having faith and trusting in God.

  6. Every word hit home. I truly understand what it’s like to feel like that, to have to go through school in an environment that’s so harsh. But, here I am strong, in love, and beautiful. And I’m not saying that I was stronger then the rest all I am saying is that you get stronger. And that what I went through was hard but it served a purpose in my life. I now look people in a different light with no judgmental looks or wrong thoughts. I can take all that pain and make it push me forward. Another thing that this video reminded me of is that feeling of being completely alone no matter what. No matter if you tell your parents, teachers, and friends that feeling of “no one understands me” lingers in you for years. But, now that I no longer feel like that I like to always keep it in the back of my head that it was a true struggle being bullied and having no one and that teenage years are scaring and I was once I little scared child trying to understand the world. I have to remember what pains me the most because I know that there is still people out there suffering the way I have and that unlike someone who says, “I know how you feel, I’m sorry”, I can say,” it hurts right now a lot and it’ll hurt for a while after but, it always gets better”.

  7. When I first started to watch this I got sad and then went to another storie, then I went back and finished the video. At first it was sad how kids at school were just mean, and his issues with the grandmother. The end has a positive effect how he goes to school and ends the video with Beauty!

  8. This was such a great video. It was sad at first but inspired me more at the end. Many kids are extremely mean and can really hurt another person. Most kids are strong and can shrug it off but some are left scarred for life and afraid to be who they really are. They need to pick themselves up and not have a “pity party.” It is better to be who you are than blending into society.

  9. This video was very sad but inspiring at the same time. It is really sad to hear that children get bullied by others. Some kids say things as jokes but don’t see the consequences, suicide. The saddest thing is that this problem has not stopped. I remember when I moved to Riverside in fifth grade, I used to hate that feeling of not knowing where I was or who my classmates were. I am guessing this is how these children feel. I can’t imagine living like this every day. We hear it on the news how bullies increase the number of suicide cases. Somehow we need to make every depressed person understand the message to ignore those who know nothing. Just because the media show beautiful people does not mean a person who does not look like that will be judged and marked as “ugly”. Most peole do not look like models. Everyone will find love. I believe there is that special person for eveyone regardless of their looks. People just have to overcome their fears and speak up. Being a shy person gets people nowhere. Everyone is unique in some way and someone will eventually like one of another person’s characteristics.

  10. This video left me teary eyed and speechless. I absolutely loved the message it represented and the creativity behind it was remarkable. I believe that you shouldn’t let people walk all over you and you should have thick skin, BUT I also believe that people are mean. The things they say can do more emotional damage rather than taking a punch to the face. It almost seems like once a teen commits suicide, it’ll be in the news for a week, the media will be reporting about it, and then it’s as if it never happened. How tragic is that? Of course the families who lost a loved one will remain hurt, but why should the issue keep being ignored? Depression is not something you can just turn off like a switch and medication can only do so much. I urge people to share this video because it spoke to me and that is why I am going to share it with people I know. Thank you for sharing!

  11. He is right, they are wrong. Every child has grown up being picked on and most got over it; some sulked for days thinking about what other kids said to them, afraid to go to school, afraid to wear last year’s pairs of shoes. But like he said they were wrong. One thing great about humans is we can change almost anything we don’t like about ourselves, love the things you cannot change and change the things you can. I was overweight my last year of high school and I believed at that time that I would stay over weight like my mom, until one day I woke up and I believed in myself and I did everything in my power to shed the weight, and you know what… I did it. I believed in myself, because if I didn’t believe I could do it, no one else would. I now believe I can do anything I set my mind to no matter what obstacles get in my way.

  12. This was a powerful video! the change of tone in the speakers voice made it that more powerful. having a capitalistic society tells you to buy their product so you can look like the model on their billboards. I grew up thinking I should fit in with my classmates but the same resources were not available to me like they were available to them, I stood out while they all blended amongst themselves. I realized early on that being an individual is worth way more than being able to purchase the latest trend. If we are all meant to feel, act and look alike than we would all grow up under the same circumstances, its that difference that makes us all unique.

  13. This video is extremely great! Depression is not anything to be proud of and can take a really long time to recover from it. This world can be really cruel sometimes but I am so glad there are more helpful phone lines or places a person can go or call to talk about their problems. If someone has something bad to say they shouldn’t say it at all. I love how he says if you can’t see beauty on yourself “stare a little longer, look a little closer”, you do have to believe in yourself that you are great in order to ignore ignorant people who talk all the crap that should be irrelevant to you.

  14. This video is very good. I like how he says people should really stop the self pity. You cant really pick yourself up when you are just sitting there feeling bad about yourself.

  15. This video was really sad in the beginning but then i realized it was more inspirational than anything else. People need to understand that what they say can and will affect others. Many people never think that the little comments matter but they do. It is the small things that are usually the ones that knock others over the edge. Be mindful of what you say.

  16. This video is incredible. I agree with what Richard says about not having a pity party for yourself, but I do think that those who watch this video should think twice about how they speak to others and realize that they could be doing more damage than they think.

  17. This video is extremely intense because it makes the viewer look back into their own past and see if they were a part of any of these scenarios. Kids grow up in a constant struggle to find themselves and its hard enough without everyone around them calling them this and telling them that. People will always be around to call each other names and be mean but it is a choice to let those things hurt you. Why listen to those who have nothing worth while to say? There is no good reason. Videos like these inspire me to appreciate life that much more and keep me from going out into the world and making a complete ass of myself by saying the wrong things.

  18. I can relate when he says, “We grew up learning to cheer-on the underdog because we see ourselves in them.”

    Thoughtful and well done. Good stuff!

    Having said all that, I have two problems with the video. I was bullied too. I know how it feels. It sucks! But I also believe it is unproductive to wallow in victimhood.

    “Poor me!”
    “Nobody loves me.”
    “Nobody cares.”

    Stop the self-pity party!

    Second, I am not a big “self-esteem” advocate. The solution to being called ugly all my life is not to look in the mirror and tell myself how beautiful I am; The solution, I believe, is to get out of myself completely and find another in need of my help.

  19. Don’t let this short film depress you. Watch it to the end. We are living in a “rude and mean” culture and many feel isolated. I believe that getting help for people like this fictional boy suffer from this horrible depression. Certainly, a rational way for us to help people who have been bullied is to get them some positive counseling. Be a friend to those who are suffering. We do very little as a nation to help young people who are so depressed that they commit suicide or violence as witnessed by the entire nation with the Batman murders in Colorado, The killing of school-children in Connecticut, the Lone Star College stabbings, The young woman now on trial in Phoenix who shot her boyfriend in the shower and then cut his throat, almost decapitating the corpse, etc. Danielle Fernandez commented on this in another web posting. And, Ishmael commented on this when he posted the Loane Star College incident. Discuss this with your friends and become an advocate of ending violence.

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