Informative Cartoon–Check It Out

-thes 2 videos were suggested by your classmate David Irish.

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  1. I like sending this to our beloved senators.

  2. If more cartoon were made like this it will be better for people like me who don’t really follow up on the government it will make it easier to understand. Because after a while watching a boring old man speak will just make me not want to listen anymore.

  3. Wow. It’s amazing to me how simple this cartoon made the government. What was said in this video was a very basic idea but all the concepts involved in government were there. The man in the video is the perfect example of how submissive we are as Americans and how immoral and broken our current political system really is. The sad part is that there is nothing anyone can really do about it.

  4. I think it’s an ironic funny cartoon, and how the alien blatantly points out that we follow our government, to a fault. Reminds me of a point that Emerson makes how we blindly do what we are told, and set all of our own ambitions or cares aside.

  5. Funny. This video is pretty slow, but still entertaining. Thanks to the aliens for making us feel like idiots for abiding by the government’s rules. The alien seems a bit sarcastic, instead of uneducated… smart alien… I do not think the goverment is a “monster,” but if we as a people wanted to get something changed, I believe we could do so.

  6. This video brings up a lot of points that shows the flaws in our system. We are contradicting ourselves constantly and allowed government to increase in size. We are becoming enslaved.

  7. This video had some great information, and I found it humorous.

  8. This video speaks the truth about our government. The alien is smart to point out the errors our government has. It seems the guy is speaking for our government because he has explanations just like the government would have.They do not make sense.

  9. I think the alien having an accent is kind of funny. I really like the humor behind these videos and how the alien points out how stupid our government is.

  10. The alien second doubts the governtment and makes the guy feel dumb. The alien made sense if only things were like that.

  11. The alien is kind of making the guy look stupid for explaining the government system. Yet we need the government to keep order in America. I feel like the alien right now. All confused and stuff.

  12. This is pretty cool. I like the detail that the makers put into this video. I do agree that it does make us sound contradicting. When the alien said “I’m sure that’s what they want you to think” I automatically think of 1984 by George Orwell. The government is growing and starting to think for us. I just hope the Judicial Branch keeps the country intact. Without our constitution there would be chaos.

  13. I like how this alien makes us feel dumb for having government. But the government isn’t as bad as he makes it seem the government helps us keep things in order.

  14. this videos is alright i found it a little boring but the information that it is saying is very helpfull and tell everything that the people need to now.

  15. I like these two videos, I even shared them with my sister. It does a really good job explaining our whole system.

  16. Life is horrible, Alien get some idea how bad the government are. I would like to give u a example how government treat to people to make believe. Governments are LYING because they are made? up of PEOPLE, who are all unsatisfactory . If you think 7,000,000,000 it could be report to police. that was lots of money and make people want it.

  17. the first video made me laugh . because the out of this world creature was so surprised to hear we had one leader, he was pretty right on all of this point on the government. he explains how controlling the government is

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