Obama Ally in 2008 Mort Zuckerman Switches Sides

10 responses to “Obama Ally in 2008 Mort Zuckerman Switches Sides

  1. i would be upset also to vote for someone who said they were going to do certain things and turn around and didn’t do as promised. Just makes it seem as Obama said things just to get into office.

  2. This video shines light on Obama as president. I always thought that he was one of the best presidents that we have had, but this video brings to life the issues at hand and the promises he has not followed through with.

  3. This video make s me think what Obama has really made for this country. It also tells us that Obama didn’t do anything he promised to do. with the obamacare it was not created anything to help us with this, it just brings more taxes for us.

  4. i agree with Mort Zuckerman, Obama didnt do what he said and now people dont want to vote for him. i also like how Mort came out and spoke his mind.

  5. They do just keep adding money to the deficit. The worse thing is that we are the ones that are going to be paying for this. I am really anxious to know what is going to happen with our new president this election. Will this president be able to actually help?

  6. Now that I have watched this I could understand our current situation a bit more. I am disgusted by how the corruption in the political world is so vast. The reason for these politicians to be up there is to represent what our country needs but on the flip side they misused that power and cause many problems within our system leaving the rest of you citizens in economical problems.

  7. there is know doubt that there is huge debt that we face. It is so much harder to get a job theses days .

  8. Even when Obama-care started i didn’t hear any good thing about it. I honestly believe it is one of the worst things he has done during his time in office.

  9. I find that Obamacare was created without the care of its cost or effects and still continues today with the same thoughts and needs to be changed.

  10. I would agree that america is in a great debt. People even that got out of college last year with masters dgrees not being able to get jobs is rediculous. To many people are being let go than people are being let in and it is time someone fix it.

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