A Canadian Commentary on the USA’s Keystone Policy

“The Canadians have so far been taking a ‘look the other way’ approach to BO’s follies. But now he’s given them a very good reason to smack him down.

I was going to add it as an update to the previous post on this topic but it deserves its own headline. Ezra Levant hosts a show, “The Source,” for Canada’s Sun News. In a very well-researched presentation, he takes a comprehensive look at Obama’s idiocy over the Keystone Pipeline. Be sure to watch the whole thing and pay particular attention to the map of the alleged “pristine, environmentally sensitive area” through which the pipeline will pass. I don’t know who this guy is, but he certainly did his homework.” (a quote from my friend who sent this video to me JK)

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  1. Oh man this guy has a point. I do not know what Obama is doing. He is siding with his enemies instead of his friends like Canada. These things should go more viral and spread to people who do not pay attention to politics. This video was a very factual and thoughtful discussion of the keystone pipeline.

  2. Samantha R. Cimilluca

    This video makes me angry and I don’t understand what Obama was thinking? Middle East over Canada? Enemy vs Friend?? I do not think he should have ever been elected.
    I do not think he is doing what is best for America.

  3. This guy is so true. I have to wonder if the oil prices are sold at a cheaper price from these counrties. There has to be a reason why the government buys the oil from there. I think that Obama said many promises just for another four years at the white house.

  4. I really don’t understand Obama. It should be that we have to get oil from Canada and stop buying it from the Middle East people who really hate us. If he starts buying from Canada, this would eliminate the issue in the Middle East. Obama has to leave the Middle East and concentrate more on Americans needs.

  5. I wonder what Obama thinks when he hears of reports like this. Hopefully embarrassed. I think we should generate more oill from Canada and American soil as well.

  6. Obama is buying from these other countries and putting us in debt because he wants America to be owned by these other countries. He lied his way to his re-election just so once he was re-elected he could do whatever he wants and was free to do so, because it was his last time being elected.

  7. I don’t understand why some people believe what Obama has to say. He lies a lot just to get people to be on his side. I think we should get the oil from Canada and stop messing with the Middle East.

  8. I have always loved Canada. I feel as if they actually sit back and observe and then think about things before they act. So they don’t act foolishly. I never really liked Obama. I feel as if he is looking out for himself, instead of the country.

  9. I love reading the comments, “didn’t Obama promise change” he did, and now all people have in their pockets is some change.
    On the subject on the keystone pipeline, I’d much rather see us tap oil out of our own country, or better yet find some cleaner oil where we don’t need to kill over it. Keystone pipeline oil, too dirty, middle east oil, isn’t worth the price we have to pay.

  10. What a bad decision Obama made. Obama is defiantly looking out for personal interest and not America. Canada argued some very impressive points. Poor Canada this is bad.

  11. The fact that we buy oil from everyone but our Canadian neighbors next door , makes absolutely no sense! I don’t know what Obama is thinking. All these alliances do, is make Americans more skeptical of his intentions. Obama, why aren’t you standing up for your country? Where is your patriotism? Americans need to take a stand against this “dirty oil” and start getting it from out allies and at home.

  12. That is a good idea. We should really look to Canada over the oil issue. Stop messing with the middle east because we have other options so why even bother.

  13. I agree and disagree. If we get the oil form canada that eliminates the issues in the middle east, however we actually dont need to have oil . Think about we have all the natural resources that we need to not have to use oil. lets actually use them.

  14. I’d rather purchase Oil from Canada and make it cheaper than continue to fight the middle east for its oil.

  15. This guy did his research i feel like he was on point. Just goes to show that obama will say anything to get re-elected. He is a liar.


  17. It is crazy to see just how obsessed Obama seems to be with the Middle East when they seem to hate us so much. We should be looking to our close allies for oil and other necessities. Canada is right next store and yet we don’t ask them for help.

  18. I can see why the Canadians don’t like Obama because he lies and breaks his promises to help the allies of America. Obama needs to step away from the Middle East and concentrate on America and its closes Allied relations.

  19. Obama was suppose to be the man for “change”, I guess it wasn’t going to be a change that was better for the good of our country then now was it.

  20. This whole dilima as wrong. Why can’t the US purchase oil from Canada and other countries from South America, other than those mentioned by the anchor, Venezuela? I’m in complete total disbelief. Granted, I tend to take such info with a grain of salt. And I never understood why those in the entertainment industry need to voice their politcal views, they are clearly not in the capacity to make such comments and the influence has weight. I can’t fanthom why most folks can’t read between the lines with our current president, I sick to my stomach on his hiprocrisy.

  21. Initially didn’t Obama promise change??? He hasn’t kept his word, let alone has he improved this country in any way, shape, or form…. hasn’t he more than doubled our bebt??

  22. What is Obama thinking? and why are we paying to our enemies for their oil when we have other options? It makes no sense, we need a President who really wants “change.” Why is he treating his enemies like friends, and friends like enemies? He sure does not deserve to be re elected!

  23. That was an interesting video, the host did a good job in his presentation and kinda reminded me of O’reilly. The facts were startling and I hope in this coming election we can actually begin to move away from middle eastern oil.

  24. What is president obama thinking? There is no way he is getting re-elected. He is just another liar, he’s doing nothing but harming our country.

  25. I have not believed a word out of this man’s mouth for the past five years and do not intent to believe him now. He is a socialist out to destroy this country.

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