3 American Gunman Among Attackers In Kenya Nairobi Mall Massacre

6 responses to “3 American Gunman Among Attackers In Kenya Nairobi Mall Massacre

  1. As I was trying to watch the first two videos and I saw that they were no longer available I was upset because I know why they get taken away. I just can’t wrap my mind about how these murderers kill all these innocent people for no reason at all. They hurt so many people emotionally as well it is such a crucial thing to do.

  2. This is a very sad story, but it brings up the idea of terrorism and I think that terrorism is a misunderstood concept. Why is it that America on broadcasts “Terrorism” as people of other races rather than Americans? When an American does a killinh, such as that young man at LAX, or scool shootings, its considered “mental disorders”. To me that is rediculous, a terrorist is anyone causing terror to the people. Stop trying to cover up American terrorist with mental disorders. A terrorist is a terrorist.

  3. When I see a crisis like this it infuriates me because as an African American I am already targeted to be violent and ignorant. It struck my heart when I seen the clip of the woman crying getting into the car because in this world it is always the innocent that gets taken away from families or friends all because a small group of idiots want to lash out because of their troubles. Gun violence is getting out of control and it is global and I honestly hate when blacks use it on each other when thinking about how far we have come.

  4. It’s a real shame when tragic events like this happen. Some people just can’t be reasoned with.

  5. Why people kill each other?! I am so sorry!

  6. Radical Islam members of Al-shabab (young men). will still be around.

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