20th and 21st Century Advocates of Adam Smith

The following videos cover the unreported information that should be examined on ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS, but are not.  These videos express the views of capitalism vs. socialism/communism.  Everyone who votes should be able to examine all sides of an issue.  These videos are important for English 1A students as they write their comparison paper on Adam Smith’s ideas and Karl Marx’s ideas and to English 1B students as they discover the basis of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations as used in the novel and film Atlas Shrugged.  Viewing these videos and commenting on them will give each student an extra credit point of 1%.  The extra credit is only an enticement to learn about research.  In the end, all students must depend on their own intellect and not how someone else or some outside entity has tried to indoctrinate them.  James Madison says it best in Federalist Paper #10 (available on this website under the heading of CIVICS). Thomas Sowell has a weekly column in our local newspaper, The Press Enterprise. He is also featured in the film Generation Zero and is a member of the highly regarded think tank at Stanford University. My teaching philosophy is different than many of students’ former or current  instructors in K-12 and in the college environment. I believe in the facilitator/learner model of education.  The facilitator’s responsibility is to direct the student in how to learn as an individual and the learner’s responsibility to examine every idea presented and to make an independent response. Your independent responses will be read by other students. Each student will benefit from reading “honest” and “well-considered” comments. All will benefit from considering others’ analyses of any given topic. All individuals then have the opportunity to amend their position or to cement their own ideas as correct and be able to articulate them clearly.

In this clip from the 1980 Free To Choose, socialist Frances Fox Piven tangles with Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell. We thought this would be interesting in light of the recent dustup between The New York Times and Fox News (Glenn Beck) on the subject of Piven

Redistribution of Wealth

In this classic clip from the 1980 PBS series, Walter Williams and Milton Friedman mix it up with the teamsters on the subject of labor unions. Which does more for the conditions of the worker — the free market or unions?

Thomas Sowell discusses characteristics that define liberals and conservatives, and his own personal transition from Marxism to libertarianism.

3 responses to “20th and 21st Century Advocates of Adam Smith

  1. I don’t believe in capitalism or socialism or democracy’s. I sternly believe in republic governments.

  2. Adam Smith wrote the Wealth of Nations. The reason I suggested English 1B students read the Smith experts of today (Friedman, Sowell, and Williams) is because they reinforce in modern language the ideas Smith transmits. However, there is another vitally important part to the Wealth of Nations; this is because it shows how the turnings of the Generation Zero film are a cycle continuing in the British Isles from the War of the Roses. Chapter 3 of Smith’s work contains this information. By understanding the film Generation Zero and watching the film Atlas Shrugged, students will clearly see Ayn Rand’s ideas about how the free market trade system developed.

  3. Freedom, it is such a beautiful and dangerous word. Freedom allows anything can be possible. Everyone wants money now. Because more you get money, more you get power. I always criticized Capitalism because I believe Capitalism makes people crazy about money. I don’t know who made Capitalism, but the one who made it knows a human being’s nature well. Everyone will work hard in Capitalism, because if they didn’t work, they would get poor results which mean they may be threatened by a lack of their basic needs. So they have to work hard for themselves. In the video, professors and economists talked about freedom and equality. From the beginning, Capitalist said, “The society that put equality before freedom, will end up neither, the society that put freedom before equality, we can get great measure of both.” But this statement is totally wrong because some people do not have freedom from the beginning before equality. Equality means we all get same opportunity to pursue our own value and goal. Before this equality, we have no freedom.
    When a student asked Milton Friedman about redistribution of wealth, explaining people who were born to a lack of wealth have less possibility of becoming prosperous, Friedman denied and said poor will be destroyed. According to Friedman, sons or daughters get higher income than their parents ever got. However, I believe there is always exception. There are always people who started behind other people and end when they are still behind. Let’s say there is a child who has stripper single mother or criminal alcoholic dad. The child has bad environment and can be threatened to live normal life, and it can lead him or her to be dropped out of school or wander around and get caught by pimp or gangs and live another low class life. Someone like this who was born in bad environment can be easily lead to another bad environment, so we should not expect them to focus on only their success and make money just like what others doing. We have certain people to protect since we all are not “perfect”(perfect in Capitalism). Therefore, government needs to involve too.
    I agreed with Frances Fox Piven who claimed free enterprise used government, and government even can buy arms under free enterprise that it actually dangers freedom of people. Human being’s nature is greedy, so I believe we will end up trying to take others’ property no matter what it takes to be richer. Capitalism may work well now, but it is going to be corrupted eventually because it is solely on our wants and needs which are very imperfect. For instance, adolescents are almost forced to get an education. Education is good, but it is becoming more unnecessary to some adolescents. They who are more talented with art, music, sport are willing to give up their talent and find another major in college and waste full four years. Because people in the top economy want educated people, and artists or athletics, who they don’t care much, have harder time to survive. So people give up and follow what other people are going. And the reason why they are doing it is for money. To live a stable life, they waste their talent and time. Capitalism secretly forces people to go one direction and it doesn’t protect people who are going another direction.
    I don’t know whether Capitalism is good for us or Socialism is good for us, but I believe we will be fine as long as there is strong social justice and protection of week and poor people.

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