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  1. “America must grow so the liberty grows.” America was found for the purpose of liberty. While taking my History 6 class I learned that social struggles have always been around even during the founding fathers times. I assume that this trailer brings a negative vision of the president Obama. It also talks about his will to change the standard American laws and incorporate new extremist laws.

  2. Watching this trailer didn’t satisfy my curiousity because there was no apparent topic to this. Upon researching this film release, it’s basically the documentary that delves into the life of our president, Barack Obama. There’s no screen time of Obama but it’s the recording of people that were close to him in his life. It sounds interesting if you want to learn more of Obama.

  3. I can not tell if this video has positive or negative comments towards President Obama. Everything has been fine at the beginning of times with our founding fathers! Let their words influence our society! Why change them? Hmm..

  4. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    This movie looks really interesting to me, I feel it’s going to be a really good movie actually I actually want to see it, but the whole thing about blaming Obama is wrong and before him was Bush, and you can’t blame the president for someone else mistakes I’ve said this before and I truly feel people dislike him simply because he is of color and that’s just my personal opinion, you don’t have to agree with me!

    • I don’t agree with you. Not every issue between one black and one white is based on racism. It is at times founded on a difference of visions and beliefs and sometimes a clashing of personalities. Assuming that disagreements are always based on race is a racist idea. A man should own his own mistakes, and Obama refuses to own his, distancing himself from his office at every opportunity, unless it is to make a presidential decree. No man is perfect, not Bush, not Obama. Some men do have an evil vision for our country, seeking to destroy our freedom out of guilt or wanting to force white guilt on the greater population. I do not suffer from white guilt, but in Obama’s America, I am expected to.

    • I personally don’t like or dislike president Obama. I don’t know the guy and met him in real life so i cannot judge him. What i dislike is his policy and how he runs the president. For example, he is not enforcing the law, overstepping his executive power, and force the American people to paid Obamacare.

  5. I think of this video as yet another attack on Obama. He would never choose to downsize our country. This video was most likely produced by anti-foreign affairs such as a certain particular political party in which i will not say. If you watch the real video i’d advise to be skeptical throughout the film and not easily fall into what they’re trying to get off on Obama.

  6. After watching this trailer I am not sure what is the stand point of this video if they are for Obama or against him. As for the dreams of our founding fathers of Americans I believe we should stand on our constitution and civil rights!

  7. This movie trailer shows that the people who voted for Obama do not really know what he stood for. Obama always talks about change, and I see the change but it is a bad one. Sure he discusses how change can be good, but never discussed on how the changes being made affects the whole United States in a completely unbeneficial way!

  8. It is insane that Obama got elected and nobody really knows what he stand for. He has helped to take away many freedoms of America, and he has ruined many things of our country. The world seems to have a veil over their eyes as he continues to work towards his own goals.

  9. Obama is always talking about “change.” Change is coming, change will happen, etc. Where’s the change Mr. President?

  10. Good to know Obama have goals and dreams for America but I think he should worry about now and try to change things now before working on a year that isn’t here yet.

  11. I don’t even think America will make it to 2016 with our current president, that would be amazing, it would probably be a waste land of shit by that point, but atleast the health care is oh wait…

  12. I would like to see this movie to find out what Obama’s dream really is. I hope Obama gets impeached before 2016 because not long after the 2012 election I heard a radio station advertise, or try to promote Obama’s third term. That is completely outrageous! I would like to know how to go about getting this president impeached because he has done nothing but fail us, and I believe it is time for we the people to speak up and take back our country!

  13. Now that it is 2013 and Obama has been reelected, it does not change my mind about whether or not I would see this film, because I would not. Who knows what kind of state the US will be in 2016 and some movie is not going to predict the success he will have in the future.

  14. The only thing this trailer is missing is the legendary explosions from Michael Bay. Maybe an eagle flying and explosions in the background with big text that says “‘Murica.”

    • I am interested in watching this movie. The trailer really does not give any insight other than his dream he has from his father . But what is that dream? How is showing people in another country relative to America?

  15. Obama has a plan and the plan is going to lead america in the right direction. This propoganda/ movie is rather interesting and I do think that this will get a lot of views.

  16. I laughed when the trailer turned into another Anti-Obama propaganda. I really cannot wait until this administration walks out the door in 2016. America can step back and look at their little accomplishments and may failures. I truly do feel that we are tolerating this simply because Obama’s skin color is a little darker than the other presidents. I’ve heard of black representatives, although not openly admitting it, would agree with the statement I just made. It’s crazy to think that this country so P.C. about this that we allow this administration to continue its actions.

  17. i think that i gonna to see this movie with caption this might be very interesting and would be understand him about dream for American.

  18. This movie “2016” seems quite interesting, and something that I will be sure to watch. It may answer some unanswered questions people are wondering, like about how Obama would lead America if he was elected for 4 more years. I also agree with the comment below mine stating how not much can truly be done in fours year, so Obama should not be held accountable for all of the occurring crisis’s .

  19. I believe I will be one of the few people who will not go and watch this movie. I feel it is ill minded of us to have such expectations for how the world will become if Obama is elected president once more. I may be a little biased as I am voting for Obama, but you cannot simply blame him for the direction this world is headed towards. Obama took over the United States after Bush led for 8 years, think about the damage that was done! Obama, or any president for that matter would have his/her hands full. Four years is not enough for any president to “fix” the United States, as soon as things head in the right direction a new president is appointed, and they have a different method of handling things, and so the issue will remain.

  20. The trailer does indeed make it look like it will be a good movie, but as interesting as it looks, I do not agree with what Obama said about changing the dreams of our founding fathers.

  21. It would be nice if Obama could tell us his plans himself. The movie looks like it is going to be really good and I am curious to know what the future America is expected to be like with Obama as president again.

  22. i think its hard to change a country in 4 years. Like most things you can lost it fast but it takes a while to succeed . i like how he trying to build back the educational system

  23. It said “we will work together” it doesn’t really feel people have a word to change anything. The congress, government and the president are the ones who do everything. This is why we are where we are. Hopefully 2016 explains what is going to happen.

  24. I think this movie trailer looked very informative. I would be interested in knowing what Obama dreams of for America.

  25. This movie looks like it will be very interesting, but I not agree with changing the dreams that the founding fathers made for us. I believe they knew what they were talking about and it should be carried on.

  26. I think this film is going to be an intense and a well made movie about Barack Obama dreams for U.S.A.

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