Obamacare’s 1st Amendment Attack on the Freedom of Religion

Message from the Manhattan Declaration Organization

The Biggest Fight of Our Lifetimes

The Catholic Bishops have rejected President Obama’s so-called “accommodation.” Good for them! They have stood up for the religious freedom of their own faithful and all believers.

The battle is joined. This is the greatest fight for religious liberty in our domestic politics in our lifetimes. No Christian can afford to be on the sidelines. We need you to be involved.

The real issue here is not contraception or even abortion, although the media and the pro-choice crowd are trying to put contraception in the forefront in order to isolate the Bishops. No, the issue here is religious liberty: Can the state trample on the rights of conscience and force us to violate what we believe are our obligations before God?

What we are witnessing is a profound assault on what our Nation’s founders thought was the primary, foundational liberty which had to be guaranteed—freedom of conscience and free religious exercise.  If those are destroyed, no bulwark against tyranny remains.

This is why we are redoubling our efforts to defend religious freedom through the Manhattan Declaration. While we will continue to run a lean operation, we are bringing in a staff person to help organize meetings around the country, social media, petition drives—anything and everything we can do to mobilize faithful Christians in the United States.

The Manhattan Declaration—now signed by more than 516,000 people—is unique in modern American history: Churches and believers of many Christian traditions and denominations standing together as one. Our strength is in our unity and in our determination to be faithful to the Lord in whatever he calls us to do.

We can and will win this fight, but we need your help. That is why I am appealing to you to help us with funding. I know many of you last week attempted to make a donation, but we had a failure in our donation system. However, if you feel led to donate, you can do so now because we have fixed the system.

The stakes have been raised since our last communication with you. We must put the resources in to make our cause succeed. Please help now. And get your friends to help.

In the end, we all know this is a spiritual battle.  So get on your knees and ask your friends to join in prayer alongside you. Pray especially that God might use this dreadful threat to unite His church and raise us up for action.

Thank you for standing with us in defense of the most precious of all freedoms—freedom of religion. And thank you for signing and supporting the Manhattan Declaration.


Chuck Colson, Robert George, and Timothy George

For more information about the Manhattan Declaration, visit their website:


12 responses to “Obamacare’s 1st Amendment Attack on the Freedom of Religion

  1. This video is a real eye opener. I had no idea that Obamacare is making religious institutions fund a program that goes against their beliefs. A direct violation of the first amendment.

  2. I believe Obamacare does attack our 1st amendment rights. I mean Obama may have had good intentions, but does that good way out the bad?

  3. Obamacare forces religious establishments to fund and support something that goes against what they believe. It is a clear violation of the 1st amendment which guarantees American citizens the freedom of religion.

  4. I really found this video to be informative. I did not even think about Obama Care from a religious point of view. I would have to agree with him, Obama care may be an issue for some religious communities. Now, I do not agree with those individuals that do not believe in medical care and try to treat illnesses with only herbal remedies or religious practices, but with Obama Care, it will force them to go against their religious beliefs, or pay the fee for not having insurance, and this is an attack on their freedom of religion.

  5. I feel like this guy is jumping to conclusions by saying that Obamacare is going to ignore our religious freedoms and dictate what type of treatment we can receive. While it is still possible to control the treatment or type of treatment a person receives by the same method an insurance company would refuse a claim, regulations can be put into place which would control this potentially abusive aspect, possibly by ensuring that the Obamacare is a non-profit legislation.

  6. one of the biggest problems i have with obamacare is that now that we are paying for people health care. then so people with obamacare will go off and get an abortion. now something i don’t believe in, is now something that the government is making me pay for.

  7. the government would just like full control of everything, and they are slowly but surely starting to get it, which is a shame

  8. all good deeds come with consequences. It needs to be decided if the consequences are worth it. Everything has balance. All good things have faults and all lies have a bit of truth.

  9. Every time i learn more about Obamacare I question the good deed in all of this. I do not understand why the government would have to control peoples doctors and medication. Its ridiculous.

  10. I believe birth control is important to society but I can understand how religious institutions wouldn’t want their workers to have access to it. President Obama’s Health Care program seems to be doomed but it at least has shed light on a need for something better because even though people don’t want a lot of government involvement, it is in the best interest of a government to have healthy people to grow up to be strong soldiers and workers.

  11. Obamacare is about government control. We do not need government controlling or mandating medical care. It is unconstitutional. We do need an overhaul to our medical care however, not to this extent. I am waiting patiently for the Supreme Court to overturn it.

  12. Couldn’t they have Obamacare and have to so that people are insured but they can pick which docter and hospital they want?

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