15 kids and 3 baby daddys

I couldn’t believe this story when I first heard it.  The first video is presented by a guy who is not too pleased!  Yhe second video verifies the validity.  The lunacy this woman spills out of her mouth is disgusting!  I don’t want to support her kids and I don’t want the government to support her either–maybe her kids should permanently be sent to a children’s home that provides food, clothing, love, and develops character.  Jan Kollitz

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  1. This also reminds me of the movie idiocracy uneducated people having 15 babies and educated people onlh having one or 2

  2. I agree more needs to be done to gst those kids better homes away from this lady who needs to be snipped. And reading that there people having kids for welfare checks only THE SHAME.

  3. Wow, this are impacting news. The woman has 15 kids of 3 different men! This woman is totally shameless. It is understandable that she is going to a tough situation but she gets to a point where she tries to take advantage of the system by DEMANDING help. She already has help but it is never going to be enough for 15 kids! She could have totally thought about it when she had the very first 5.

  4. The nerve of this woman! She voluntarily…she made the choice to get pregnant and have all these children and expects the government to take care of her?! Wow. This lady is off her rocker. I feel so bad for these kids!! They were living together in one room and they didn’t have food or clothes! Why have All these children when you can’t even provide for them. They are YOUR responsibility! It is a mother’s responsibility. Not the government. I feel horrible for the children. That’s what’s important. I am a single mother and I have a hard time raising ONE child on my own, I can’t even imagine how stressful it is to have 15 kids. I know that the system helps many women and families, and that’s okay because it’s only temporary. We don’t know everyone’s story so can’t be so quick to judge,but this woman is abusing the system and I don’t agree with that. As for the baby daddies I remember hearing one is in prison/jail and then they showed a mini clip of another one towards the end. People are asking why aren’t the baby daddies helping but these grown men can’t be forced. I know that for a fact, because my daughter’s father does not give his 100% to my daughter because he now has a new family, so I get that maybe that’s why these dads aren’t present. They probably have other families. All I really hope is that these kids get help, get their education and succeed in life. There are people trying to help these kids, there are social workers trying to help so it’s not like no one is doing anything. Ugh! This woman just needs to wake up.

  5. I once knew a girl who bluntly said that she kept having kids because it secured her welfare check. I do believe the requirements of welfare has changed since then but I think this girl is following that mentality. If you can’t take care of kids, don’t have them. They’re her responsibility. She should not be demanding other people to pay for them like she has the right to say so.

  6. Christopher Rodriguez

    It’s funny that she has the nerve to say somebody needs to pay for all her kids and herself because she can’t. If she would’ve kept herself from having all of those kids in the first place, she wouldn’t be having this problem. Now she’s stuck and has no one to blame but herself.

  7. Wow this story is ridiculous. No one is responsible for her kids but herself. If she can’t afford to take care of them or provide for them then she shouldn’t of had that many kids. This is a prime example of a person trying to abuse the system with no appreciation for the help that she does get. I can’t believe it when she says that someone has to pay for her and all her kids. She needs to find a way to support her kids without blaming the government.

  8. These kinds of acts in our world are crazy to believe. Her, as a mother, is of course loving and caring, but as an adult figure, i do not find her suitable. She does not have the best interest for her kids. For her to act inappropriately or immature is showing she is not role model material. I think what is best for the kids is to keep them together but not in a bad environment.

  9. Sad to think that there is people out there like that. I honestly feel bad for this woman. It is outrageous that she thinks that someone should cover the expenses of her children, but I feel bad for her. I feel like she is in over her head.

  10. This is extremely sad! I have zero pity for that girl, I can’t stand people who bring children in the world and can’t give them the best life possible!! These poor babies, they should not be under her care. People like her, who are pumping out kids without thinking of all the baggage that comes with having a child, are the reason there are so many messed up kids in society now a days. UGH! I don’t know whether to be sad for all those poor babies, or furious at that mother!

  11. Hahaha she needs to be neutered ! Thats funny. But she should really get herself together. Pretty soon the state will take the kids away.

  12. This is ridiculous. She needs to be neutered. And her kids are in the unfortunate position to be in that environment. It would be nice if the children could stay together. But if the mom doesnt get her act together and get a job or something then they might need to split up the children into different homes. It’s sad that they have a mother like her who expects everyone else to take responsibility for the situation she put herself and her kids in.

  13. The fact that the mom expects that the system has to pay for HER fifteen children is ridiculous. She got herself into a big hole and is trying to rely on others to get her out of it. I realize she has a lot on her shoulders but this is un called for.

  14. This is ridiculous. You would think she would know when to stop. Some people just sould not have kids until they are mature enough or ready.

  15. Honestly, it is people like this who makes this world worst (in my opinion). She seriously needs to keep her legs closed and if open, play responsibly. Then again, she probably doesn’t know what that term means, but she will in due time with those children of her.

  16. This is pretty sad. I feel bad for the kids because they will have to fight for every little thing. This mom needs to learn to shut her legs and keep them shut. I honestly don’t know what this was thinking.

    • I feel bad for these kids but not the mother. She shouldnt be a mother because obviously she isnt responsible for her actions. I may feel compassion for her if it was two or three but fifteen children? She should have stopped or been more smart and used contraceptives. She had to know she was getting out of hand.

  17. first of all this lady has 15 kids which is way to many to be having in the first place. I cant come to the conclusion on to why she thinks the system has failed her, she thinks that other people need to pay for her and her 15 other kids? Who does she think she is? Nobody told her she had to have these kids she decided that 15 is a good number and if she is immature enough to make that decision she better do what she has to do for her kids. Its just so sad that they have to go through that lifestyle.

  18. It’s sad because this lady probably has no clue what sex education is. If she knew what the word “responsibility” meant, then maybe she would not be in this predicament.

  19. This lady is honestly ridiculous. How can she say people need to pay for HER kids and for her and her fiances suffering? She chose to have 15 kids and she chose to not listen to the warnings and now her poor decisions are affecting her children. It is really sad.

  20. This is sad that this lady is demanding aid from other people to take care of HER kids. If she or her baby daddies can’t support their kids and they were so careless to have 15 of them then they should be in another home that is able to provide for them properly!

  21. She honestly shouldn’t be complaining. It is her fault that she has 15 kids and 3 baby daddies. The baby daddies should be paying for their own kids and giving her child support. Also if you are going to ask for help, you can ask in a much more pleasant and nicer way instead of getting angry and yelling about it. Honestly the government should send her kids to a whom because they are suffering because their mom can’t provide for them.

  22. This is so sad. It was even hard to watch. It is amazing that there are even people out there like that. It is like people have no integrity anymore.

  23. I think there is just poor judgement in this case. People that have this many kids and multiple kids, don’t realize the impact it has on the kids. What kind of family life will these kids have? Obviously not the average. I have seen the effects of multiple baby daddys in the kids, and it is very unfortunate the way the kids are effected.

  24. She is the only one to be accountable for her situation. The system did not fail her, she failed herself and her kids. She is clearly unfit to be a mom and i hope those kids get put into houses that will raise them properly.

  25. Unbelievable! If anyone should be held accountable it should be her and her 3 baby daddy’s.

  26. No they did not fail her they have been trying to help as much as they can. Shes healthy she can also help herself,rather than depending on the government she should learn to depend on herself. Why would she bring so many kids into this world if she couldn’t take care of them or herself for this matter.

  27. The “system” didn’t fail this woman. The baby daddies and herself failed at being able to support these 15 children. People are donating her food because she’s demanding it. The children should be in foster care to have better care for these innocent children.

  28. Wow! This lady is out of mind. No one is responsable for this kids but her, not the governtment, not social services, but only her. If she cant support them maybe she should have thought about that before she had them.

  29. Wow, I can not really judge, as I do not know the full story of this woman’s life.

  30. Oh my this is crazy. If you knew you could support at least 3 kids why would you have 15. Some people just amaze me. Like the guy said above she does need a reality tv show so she can support them.

  31. This is crazy 15 child and 3 daddies i trying to figure out 5 kids each of daddies ? I wonder. now she got mad that she said they have to pay . What about kid’s daddies they have pay to support kids. I am very sorry to heard what going on with crazy lady.

  32. This is unbelieveable!! she says someone has to pay for all her kids and help feed them and i know who should be doing that. It needs to be her and those 3 baby daddies of her. She is lucky that she is living in a place that she doesnt have to pay for. I am a single mom work part-time and go to school full time, I get my son everything he needs with no help from anyone nor do i expect help. My son my resposibility if i can do it theres no reason why she couldnt do the same.

  33. This woman decided to keep having children with these men and did not think about how to take care of them. If she did not have a good job or way to support these children she should not have opened her legs in the first place. All she is doing is ruining life for these children, and trying to put her problems on ever one else. Many people have tried helping her and all she wants is more and more. I hate people that just want things handed to them and take things from the people like us that work hard to get what we want.

  34. This women is out of her mind to make her children societies issue. It seems like all she did was lay on her back and spit these kids out. Then she gets mad at the help she gets, saying its not enough. People these days are relying on welfare is a sad scene. What happen to the days where people worked hard for their own, supported their own, and helped others succeed if they could afford it.

  35. This is just crazy. I cant believe she seriously expects the government to support her and her family. It is not their responsibility. She is an adult and is smart enough to know what her actions would do. She should have thought twice before having unprotected sex and deciding to give birth to 15 kids!

  36. wow! this women is lunatic and im sure their are many women just like her. I work at a WIC place and I see many mothers like her who get so much food but yet think its not enough. THey should appreciate what there able to receive and not complain cause help is help even if its just one gallon of milk. shame.

  37. People balme the govenment far too much for problems they bring on themselves. Not protecting yourself when you had intercourse with several different guys was not the governments responsibility. Why should the taxpayers of this country provide for her when she was too careless to not realize that she can’t provide for all her kids? I feel sorry for her kids.

  38. Its terrible knowing that i have to support her and her 15 kids. Its not my problem that she is ignorant.

  39. WOW, really. The government is not the problem. Kids are your responsibility dont expect the government to help. Oh wait, they do. No we do, paying taxes to support them…. Hhmm there’s something wrong with this picture..

  40. I just don’t understand how people like this woman and “Octomom” fell justified in blaming the government for their hardships. If these people were responsible and really cared about their kids, they would realize that having so many kids only hurts them. These kids will never be able to get the love and support that they need in life.

  41. I seriously cannot believe this. Who in their right mind would want this to happen?! Gosh dang, it’s people like this that really piss me off.

  42. Wow! This is just so sad! How is it that Adams expects to get help because she just couldn’t stop having kids! She expects so much out of the government and out of our tax money! I think this is just wrong!!

  43. This is disgusting! People have no self-control these days. She should have to support herself. She knew her actions had consequences so she needs to take full responsibility and the fathers too. This is ridiculous.

  44. 15 kids, and 3 baby daddys. This woman should be ashamed of herself. Not only cuz she clearly has no self-control, but because of the life that she is providing for these children! THIS WOMAN is their role model!

  45. This is sad. But it doesn’t surprise me because this happens all the time now adays. She could have prevented this from happening though:

  46. a sad day because this happens a lot in the not so great areas of america, but she can only blame herself for this, what a shame.

  47. Some people have absolutely no sense. Nobody else is responsible for her situation except for her. I fyou can’t afford any form of birth control how the hell are gonna afford fifteen children?? The people i feel for are those poor kids they didnt ask for any of that.

  48. What do you do in a situation like this. Yes it’s extreme on 15 babies and 3 baby daddys, but shouldnt she getting income from all the baby daddies, and work her ass of to get a little money herself then plus the additional help she can get. It’s no ones resopsibility but her own, their her children. And if your asking for assistance please learn how to act.

  49. Someone needs to pay for all this? This lady needs to close her legs and learn how to deal with it. No one asked her to go around having all these kids. They didn’t pop out of the blue.

  50. She has no one to blame but herself. How can you not be accountable for your decisions. She decided to have babies. She decided to put her and all her babies in jeopardy when she knew she couldn’t provide. I think she thought she could rely on the govenment. She probably thought she could get over 100,000 dollars a year to provide for her kids just the other lady did. She assumed the system would automatically give her everything she need. And then when she did get help, she neglected it all.

  51. I agree with the guy in the first video! Don’t you think she should have stopped after realizing that she wasn’t going to be able to support them all? I feel horrible for the kids. I would not want to be put in that situation. Does she think that it’s okay for 12 of her children to be in foster care while she isn’t doing anything?

  52. 15 kids and 3 baby daddy’s is a little on the extreme side. It mad me laugh because it’s so hard to believe when you read the title. But as you watch it it made me sick to my stomach, I feel bad for the kids more than anything. I agree with the first comment on this video, “THIS IS SAD”.

  53. I am just do disgusted by this women. If she knew she could not take care of these kids she should of stop having kids. How many kids do you have to have until you know that 15 is just too much. I am so angered just watching this video, women like this should not exist. People try to help her and she is probably using the money all wrong. I hate hate hate people like this.

  54. This made my mad as hell! How can she even justify to herself that someone else should be financial responsible for taking care of her children besides the two responsible parties? Who’s fault is it that she picked a baby daddy that would not be able to help her because he can not stay out of jail…

  55. It is unbelievable to see how irresponsible she is.. Poor kids, I hope they are not going to be affected by their so-called mom. What was she thinking having 15 kids?? Oh my gosh.. I am a little ashamed as a same gender. She just get pregnant and depend on government for those babies. Unbelievable.

  56. How can the government keep on supporting people like this. Women who have kids just to have someone support them are dispicable. Her poor kids I cant believe that this kind of person is their role model.

  57. HA HA oh my goodness. This women has lost her mind! Maybe she should have provided a better life for her kids by not hanging around with a convict. It might have been a good idea to stop at 3 or 4 kids too, knowing her financial situation couldn’t provide for all of them. She’s the one who needs to take responsibility for her actions.

  58. This is so unfair to those poor little children. Something has to be done about the fact that these children aren’t going to get all of their needs met. This woman was extremely irresponsible and the government should not have to pay for it. She needed to show a little self control. I don’t believe that any one family should contain more than 8 children in the first place because having too many kids creates hardships in showing each kid the love and affection they need. Even then, if you don’t have the money to support that big of a family then control yourself!

  59. This woman has some nerves to demand some help. I cant believe that she believes that the government is just suppose to support her and all her kids. The government cant even afford to save itself. People need to get their life together. This is disappointing.

  60. My question is this, humans are a race that learns from the mistakes made by themselves and others. But at what point can we label a person as stupid. I feel sorry for all 15 of those kids.

  61. is she kidding me ? i cant belive she even has the nerve to ask for help with her 15 kids i dont blaime the county that is crazy. didnt know one tell her too go have 15 kids knowing she has no support and job. why bring child into the world that you cant even feed, you would think after she had the first one and she realized she cant support them she would stop getting knocked up but i guess not . mothers like this need to have there kids taking from them.

  62. I’m not sure if I should have sympathy for this lady or be mad that she is demanding money from tax payers because she couldn’t control her sexual emotions. This lady needs to reexamine what it means to be a mother, and stop waiting on the government to help her with everything. It seems to me that she just thinks that everyone is out to get her and her children and no one wants to help. My only question is where are all the Dad’s at? They only spoke about one dad in jail, but what about the other two…

  63. This is her fault, she knew what she was doing. I dont think the daddys should be helping out, she had 15 kids, she knew what she was doing!

  64. I don’t like how people cast stones at the women when they don’t know her situation or have lived her life. Yes, I am sure that there are people that abuse social services and I can’t say for certain this women has not taken advantage of kindness. However, one must also consider upbringing, was she well educated, have access to birth control, victim of a man’s wrongs? Not all of us in America are given the same opportunities in our upbringing and although this women may have abused the system, there are many people that benefit and are saved from the help of others.

  65. Why would she just have all those kids knowing she doesnt have a stable job, and where are the fathers and why arent they helping her pay for the well being of their kids?

  66. WOW! This lady needs a serious reality check. How do you want us to pay for your mistakes!? its your resoponsabilty as a mother to figure out how to take care of your kids, not ours.

  67. As a taxpayer, I want to slap this woman silly. Before anybody yells outrage to the fact that as a male I just stated that I would in fact like to slap a woman, one needs to understand sarcasm. Why is it that everybody and their Mother think it is okay to have the loyal taxpayers who can barely buy their groceries buy them for those who do not work except to open their legs and say “Paycheck!”? I understand that these problems exist, and not everybody believes in abortion, but Jesus H Christ, this is just ridiculous. Women who think that their kids equal paychecks that come from tax payers for doing nothing but popping one out are worth nothing more than a statistic.

  68. Obviously, she does not know the responsibility of a mother. She keeps poping out children and not appreciating the help she is getting. She just wants attention.

  69. This is why are country is going to shit people feel that the system should pay for their mistakes. That don’t happen nowhere.

  70. PURE IGNORANCE. And we wonder why our society is the way it is today.

  71. 15 kids and 3 babies’ daddies. How the heck a single mom take care of those 15 kids since those babies’ daddies isn’t supporting them? I hope somebody will call CPS to take them away so those kids can have bright and successful life since i dont think a single mom would handle those 15 kids. i think shes addict to make babies. it call umm a a babies is her drug. again it unbelievable.
    i used to had a teacher who is my photography teacher and she had 10 kids and only one dad. they all married and live happily forever. but this situation. THATS CRAZY!

  72. I couldnt even watch this whole video due to the ignorance this lady has. She said somebody needs to pay for her kids, its her responsibility as the mother of those children to provide for them. This lady blames the system for not doing enough for her and her children when in reality many various groups have been helping her in a number of ways. Mothers like this need to realize that things just as welfare and other government aid is not something to live off of and thats all she wants.

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